Answering the Rabbis

Why do the Rabbis REALLY Reject Jesus?

As human beings, we don’t like to admit that we are wrong, and we especially don’t like to admit that we are sinners. But we do like to feel special, important and valuable. Our human nature loves control and power. This is also the reason that nations go to war

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Rabbinic Exclusion of Women vs Jesus

Rabbi Ashi claims that it is permitted to divorce a woman if the gap between her breasts is too large: “This spacing is unsuitable and it is considered a defect which allows to divorce her without rights.” Rabbi Baghdadi: “A woman who cheats on her husband would be taken out

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Answering the Atheist

Are You a "Good Person"?

Some claim if a person were given the perfect surroundings, that person would be perfect as well. As a father to a young boy, I (as every parent) know that along with the cuteness and amazing things we see in our sweet little children, each and every one of them – and each

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Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?

The story of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is one of the greatest miracles and wonders that has ever happened in history. Or, it is the most sophisticated fraud that ever took place in history that has deceived millions of people. At least that is what Rabbi Tovia Singer thinks,

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What is (biblical) Love?

As humans, we are social beings.Therefore, every one of us has the need to be loved, appreciated and have relationships with others. Humans are incapable of living on their own, with no relationships. That is why people who are in solitude tend to go insane. We were created to live in a society and depend on one

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Answers in Prophecy

Psalm 22 a Prophecy about Jesus’ crucifixion

Rabbi Yosi Mizrachi claims that Jesus cannot be the Messiah, because when he was on the cross he begged God to save him, but God didn’t save him and he wasn’t able to save himself. In the New Testament, Matthew describes what happened: “And about the ninth hour Jesus cried

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The Resurrection of the Messiah: What Israel Knew

Historians have discovered evidence of communities in ancient Israel that believed the Messiah would suffer and die—and crucially, that he would rise again on the third day… and that they had come to these conclusions by reading the Bible, even before the time of Jesus.1   There are several passages

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The feast of the trumpets in the Bible

The Feast of Trumpets

On the first day of the Jewish month of Tishri in the Fall, the Feast of Trumpets blasts its way into the new Jewish year. Today it is known as Rosh Hashanah, the “Head of the Year”, even though it’s not really the start of the Biblical year at all,

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Isn’t the Messiah Supposed to Bring World Peace?

Rabbi Tovia Singer claims: “If Jesus was the Messiah, you would have known that from reading the newspapers, because the front page would be about peace instead of wars. But since Jesus’ time until this day, more than 120 million people have died in wars.” Rabbi Joseph Mizrachi added that

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Do Jewish People Need (Jesus as) a Mediator?

The Old Testament teaches that because of the sin that entered the world, there is no longer a direct relationship between human-beings and God, as there was in the beginning. The sin in us separates us from God. The prophet Isaiah described the situation very well: “Behold, the LORD’s hand

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Messiah: Suffering Servant or Victorious King?

In order to dismiss the possibility that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel, who suffered and died as a sacrifice for our sins, rabbis of our time try to claim that the Messiah was never supposed to suffer or to die at all, but rather that the Messiah was to

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