Answering the Rabbis

Aren’t There Contradictions in the New Testament?

A New Testament scholar is someone who has invested many years of his life, in academic study, learning the ancient Greek language, ancient texts, the history of the second Temple period, and so forth, in order to specialize and obtain as wide a perspective as possible about the cultural, historical,

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Why do the Rabbis REALLY Reject Jesus?

As human beings, we don’t like to admit that we are wrong, and we especially don’t like to admit that we are sinners. But we do like to feel special, important and valuable. Our human nature loves control and power. This is also the reason that nations go to war

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Answering the Atheist

Why Does God Allow Evil?

 Innocent babies die from horrible, painful diseases. Blameless bystanders are killed by natural disasters and little children are murdered in terrorist attacks. So, if God exists, why do we all suffer diseases, violence and war? Where was God during the Holocaust? Why doesn’t He put an end to all

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Are You a "Good Person"?

 Some claim if a person were given the perfect surroundings, that person would be perfect as well. As a father to a young boy, I (as every parent) know that along with the cuteness and amazing things we see in our sweet little children, each and every one of them – and

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"This is the 21st century! Who needs God?!"

 In their book, “Evolution from Space”, Nobel Prize of Physics winner – Dr. Fred Hoyle and Astrobiologist – Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe tried to calculate the odds that even one single, long molecule which contains any information could originate at random. We’ll spare you the infinite number they reached, but

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Answers in Prophecy

Psalm 22 a Prophecy about Jesus’ crucifixion

Rabbi Yosi Mizrachi claims that Jesus cannot be the Messiah, because when he was on the cross he begged God to save him, but God didn’t save him and he wasn’t able to save himself. In the New Testament, Matthew describes what happened: “And about the ninth hour Jesus cried

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Yeshua's Return – He's Coming, Ready Or Not

Yeshua is coming, ready or not. What will it be like to see Him face to face? This mighty God who calls us “friend”? Have you tried to imagine it? The idea of the “face of God” appears many times in Scripture, and can be understood to mean Yeshua himself

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Whom is “my neighbor” that I must love?

Probably the most famous saying in the Bible is:  “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” (Leviticus 19:18) It’s a passage that everybody likes to quote. But only few know how to put in practice.  In every reader’s mind the question naturally comes up: “Who is my neighbor?” Rabbinic answers to the question, “Who is

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