Answering the Rabbis


Answering the Atheist

Are Miracles Possible?

 The Bible describes phenomena which, according to the laws of nature, are impossible. Virgins don’t give birth. Angels don’t deliver messages to humans. The sea doesn’t part on its own. Fire doesn’t rain down from the sky. People don’t walk on water. The dead don’t come back to life.

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A Moral Argument for God

 Some ask: how is it possible to believe in the existence of an all powerful God when the world is immersed in so much evil and wickedness? The problem is, that if there is NO God, there is also no such thing as “evil” or “wickedness”. After all, the claim that

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Is Jesus Just for the Simple and Uneducated?

 Will an educated person inevitably reject the message of Jesus? And what about an intelligent Jew? Would they automatically reject Jesus and His teachings? Is it only fools and uneducated people that are impressed by the message of Jesus? This is what the rabbis want you to believe at

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Answers in Prophecy

The Resurrection of the Messiah in Judaism

Historians are now finding out that there were ancient people of Israel who believed that the Messiah would suffer and die – and crucially, that he would rise again on the third day… and what is even more amazing is that they had come to these conclusions just before the

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Death and Resurrection

I wonder what Yeshua’s thoughts were as he approached the tomb of his friend, Lazarus. A stone tomb with a stone in the entrance that needed to be moved. Yeshua wept, we are told in John 11:35, the shortest verse of the Bible. Peering into the void of death, Yeshua was probably

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Contradictions in the New Testament?!

Over the last years, the rabbis in Israel have been working hard to challenge and attack the New Testament’s credibility.     We decided to collect and summarize for you their ten most famous “contradictions”.     Enjoy!     Contradiction #1: In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus’ death on the cross is

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The Trinity: Easy As 1, 2, 3?

One of the hardest things for Jewish people to deal with when it comes to Yeshua is the idea that he could be God in human form. The trinity just sounds like straight up polytheistic idol worship to Jewish ears. Monotheism was the defining difference between the faith of Abraham

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