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A Program of ONE FOR ISRAEL’s Bible College
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“… to see women set free, healed, and released is all worth it!”
– Jan Grubbs, Board Member ONE FOR ISRAEL
Womens Program, ONE FOR ISRAEL
Looking at the big picture of the Body of Messiah in Israel, we see women of influence being catalysts for bringing revival and growth to their communities. In our groundbreaking Women in Leadership program, we charge our students to take what they learn back to their congregations and cultivate a team of women who are prayerfully focused on evangelizing, discipling, and counseling others. The goal is a movement of women grounded in Biblical truth, who are affirmed in their identities, strengthened in their callings, and equipped to lead lives of ministry. Shifting the general paradigm from a few women who are carrying the load, to a community of women who are seen, heard, and known by God and equipped to serve His people…
Over the course of this two-year program, we are strategically investing in the lives of women of influence who have demonstrated a life of maturity and faithful service within their communities. Our women come from a wide variety of backgrounds and congregations, reflecting the diversity of the Body of Messiah in Israel. Roughly half of the women are Jewish believers and the other half are Arab believers. Some women have brought with them a trusted co-laborer from their congregation so they might process what they’re learning together with their own team in mind. Together we are stronger, and we believe an intentional learning community of key Jewish and Arab women leaders will have a profound and lasting impact on both the Body of Messiah in Israel and the nation itself.
Many women have been serving in administrative, teaching, serving, and counseling roles for a long time in Israel without much training or support. Like the men, many women have found themselves in positions of leadership not because they especially pursued it or received a degree, but simply because the leadership was needed and they were available (i.e. they were the most mature person in their congregation for the job). Although there are now hundreds of congregations in Israel, most are small, and an “all hands on deck” approach is often needed just to keep things running. It can be easy to get burnt out from pouring out, with little time for spiritual refreshment and training.
What is the Impact?
Started in the fall of 2019, our Women in Leadership program is meeting a critical need in the lives of the women of Israel. It is no secret that the Body of Messiah is made up of both men and women, but for too long there has not been enough focus on supporting the ministry of women within the Body. Our two-year program exists to train the women of Israel to dynamically lead within their families, their congregations, and the Israeli society. Our program has been designed by women for women to provide maximum blessing to each participant. Sisi Soref, wife of ONE FOR ISRAEL President Dr. Erez Soref, is heading up the program, along with Lynn Rosenberg, wife of best-selling author Joel Rosenberg. Each has extensive ministry background and a heart to empower, encourage, and equip other women leaders.

Sisi, Lynn, and the team’s heart’s desire for this program is to see each woman blessed in three specific ways, that each woman might be:


… in her unique gifts, experiences, and calling, so she might see her true value as a daughter of the King and enjoy her identity and role in the Kingdom.


… in her leadership roles within her family, congregation, and society.


… with practical tools for a life of ministry that will make her more effective and help her to thrive.



The curriculum they created is a labor of love — more than four years of research, surveys, study, and prayer went into its creation. Sisi and Lynn took special care to craft courses that fit the schedule and needs of women in ministry, and to make sure each course’s material is easily transferable, so students can share what they learned, maximizing the impact. They also recruited a team fluent in Hebrew, Arabic, and English to reduce communication obstacles within our multi-ethnic student community.


Each woman in our program will:

  • Complete ten courses designed to equip them for practical, biblical ministry to women.
  • Gain tools for serving the Body of Messiah in Israel, including how to conduct small group Bible study, discipleship groups, discipleship counseling, and crisis management.
  • Receive digital course resources and a small library of women’s ministry books.
  • Enjoy several retreats where they will be encouraged to persevere and trust the Lord with new avenues of ministry.
  • Participate in “intensive” weeks of study with experts, both locals and those from abroad.
  • Be coached and cared for by a leadership team that speaks Hebrew, Arabic and English.

How can I help?



PRAY for our students, half of them Jewish and half Arab. Pray that each woman might be affirmed, strengthened, and equipped to thrive in her life and ministry, and that the program itself will serve as a catalyst for revival in Israel. Pray for Lynn, Sisi, and the rest of the team as they teach each lesson, provide spiritually enriching retreats, and mentor the individual students.


Proclaim to your friends, family, small group, church or congregation the need for women’s ministry in Israel. Share that although many Israeli women served for a long time without much training and support, they now have the opportunity to be affirmed in their identities, strengthened in their callings, and equipped to better lead lives of ministry. Share how the women of Israel – Jews and Arabs – are uniting to do ministry together!


Partner with us to support women’s ministry in Israel through our Women in Leadership program. Your financial giving enables us to not only produce this groundbreaking program, but also to maximize its effectiveness and to provide the maximum amount of blessing to each participant.

Consider a monthly or recurring gift to help us budget and expand our work to bless these women and more women leaders in the future.
ONE FOR ISRAEL is based in Central Israel with a US NonProfit office 501c3 EIN: 61-1901718