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Like the First Passover

Click here to find out about our special Passover outreach happening in Israel!   Passover 2020: The people of Israel were confined to their homes, waiting...

The Gift Of Shabbat

Have we lost the meaning of Shabbat? God sanctified the seventh day and made it holy, and continues to insist that we should keep...

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Daring Israelis Discover Biblical Scrolls in “Cave of Horror”!

In a remarkable feat of daring and skill, the Israeli team were determined to find what lay inside the "Cave of Horror". Accessible only...

Israel: An Apartheid State?

There’s a lot of mud slung at Israel - Apartheid! Genocide! The UN regularly feels the need to condemn Israel more than North Korea, China,...

Solomon’s Wisdom in Creative Problem Solving

Proposing to cut a baby in half is not everyone's idea of excellent problem solving, but it sure put King Solomon on the map....


What will Peace with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Bring?

In a surprising development, Israel and the UAE have made a peace deal, resulting in much joy but also controversy. What will it mean...

Love Your Neighbor, Love Your Enemy: Israel Sends Aid

"This is the time to transcend conflict", wrote Israel's army spokesman, Avichay Adraee, in Arabic. In a tragedy of huge proportions, Beirut has just...

Amazing Evidence of the Kingdom of Judah Found in Jerusalem!

We've read about Hezekiah, Menashe and the Kingdom of Judah in the Bible, but now archaeologists are digging up ancient treasures from the time they...


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