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Did You Know Spring Cleaning is Commanded in the Bible?!

Changes are happening in Israeli supermarkets - cleaning products are on special offer, and sections of “Kosher for Pesach” goods are appearing with no...

What Esther Teaches Us About Good Leadership

The book of Esther is a brilliant story with twists and turns of intrigue, disaster and breakthrough. The key figures of power make an...

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Dr. Seth Postell’s Testimony (I Met Messiah)

Dr. Seth Postell, our very own Academic Dean (who TODAY celebrates his 50th birthday!! 🥳), shares his story on how growing up Jewish he...

A Record-Breaking Breakthrough Year in Israel!

As mad and as hideous as 2020 has been, there has been breakthrough after breakthrough for the gospel in Israel. There has been much...

Careful Who You’re Bowing Down To!

It wasn't the remarkable relevance of the portion of Scripture for that week which caught my attention as much as all the bowing involved....


Does God See Race?

The furore about race that has taken the world by storm may have started in a despicable way, but it has opened up conversations...

Government Minister Tries to Ban Messianic TV!

As those behind the new Shelanu Messianic TV channel can tell you, Israel can run roughshod over the rights of those who love Jesus...

Like the First Passover

The people of Israel are confined to their homes, waiting for the plague to pass... reminiscent of the very first Passover three and a...



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