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Israeli Testimonies

"I Stopped Looking at the Problems and Became Part of the Solution!"

Sharbel grew up to hate the Jewish people as his family was one of many Arab families who lost land and houses when Israel...

They both sacrificed for Israel's sake, but Rabbinic Judaism cast them away!

Watch the incredible conversion story of Jewish Israeli Igal, an IDF warrior.

Jewish Avi's story from darkness to the light of the world

Growing up as an Ethiopian Jew, Avi suffered from racism and legalism. Just before giving up on God, he found the way, the truth,...

The doctors were in shock – the cancer had disappeared!

Late 2015, Eitan Bar, Moti Vaknin & Anastasia received a request to come to a hospital and pray for a child who lost his sight and sick with cancer. Jewish Jacob was there too and witnessed the miracle of healing in front of his eyes, leading him to Jesus Christ! Watch Jacob's AMAZING story and SHARE!!!

Jewish Single Mom Finds Jesus: "I had uncovered a deep truth and couldn't deny it!"

Rabbinic Judaism seemed constrictive and superstitious to Orna, but when she turned to God for answers, she was shocked by what she found!

"Dad, Where was God in the Holocaust?"

Believing in God after the Holocaust was very difficult for many Jewish people, but Meno's father taught them how to find faith even after...


Like the First Passover

The people of Israel are confined to their homes, waiting for the plague to pass... reminiscent of the very first Passover three and a...

The Torah – from a Messianic Jewish perspective

The term "Torah" is one of the most confusing and controversial terms in the Hebrew language. One word with the weight of a long history,...

The Interesting Connection Between Passover and the Coronavirus Plague

Passover night this year will be celebrated on April 8th, but the preparations begin way before that. The Bible tells us to clean out...