If we love God, we cannot ignore the needs
of the people around us.

Our outreach provides aid tangibly, consistently, and relationally to Israel’s most vulnerable.

Holocaust survivors, Pro-life families, Single mothers, Immigrants, Diverse communities (Russians, Ethiopians, Jews and Arabs)

As a ONE FOR ISRAEL partner, your support brings hope and encouragement to these communities.
Through you, the Body of Messiah is empowered and resourced to bless Israel’s poor and needy in the name of Yeshua.

Here’s How we do it...

Engaging the Community

Through an established grassroots network of believers, we identify people in our community in need of food and essential supplies. For Holocaust Survivors, we work in partnership with our city to serve the members of a local community center, bringing care packages and assisting with the center’s upkeep.

Consistent Delivery

After establishing the specific needs, we create a regular schedule for providing aid.

Relational and Available

We prioritize meeting with those we serve and seek to establish personal relationships to encourage both body and soul. We make ourselves available to listen to life challenges and show comfort and compassion.

Ready in Crisis

Our team is equipped to respond during challenging times. During COVID, we’ve expanded our aid and relational support during the lockdowns to meet our communities’ increased needs.

Holocaust Survivors

– Y, Manager of Holocaust Survivors community center
“Thank you for serving our community. Especially during the difficult time of lockdown, it’s meant so much that you’ve come to visit. The food and basic supplies you’ve delivered have been a great blessing, especially to our members who are all alone.”
Holocaust Survivors live in Israel TOday
An estimated 1/4 live in poverty*


In Israel, Abortion Is Legal Easily Accessible State-Funded* *www.reuters.com/article/us-holocaust-memorial…
Though unpopular in our culture, ONE FOR ISRAEL maintains a pro-life stance. We provide food, baby supplies, and relational support to families who have chosen to keep their babies despite financial hardship and societal acceptance of abortion.
Israeli Babies are Aborted Every Year*
~ 9521
– I, Pro-life single mother
“My husband physically abused me and then abandoned me during my pregnancy. Now, with two young children, my situation is very tough. I am in shock how much you help me, and I don’t have enough words to thank you for all you do.”
– D, Pro-life single mother
“My boyfriend left me when I was pregnant, and so I came to Israel alone as a single mother. Thank you for everything you do for me and my child. You are like angels for us.”
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Immigrants to israel

Since 2010 250,000+ people immigrated to Israel from roughly 150 countries* *www.timesofisrael.com/past-decade-saw
– M, Single immigrant mother
“Thank you for thinking of me and my two children in this difficult time. After my husband was murdered, I moved to Israel, and it has not been easy. I’ve struggled just to make ends meet. But you are always caring about us, and your food supplies are an amazing help.”
of immigrants live in poverty (2017)*
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Extend a Helping Hand in Jesus’ Name

Join our Humanitarian Aid Outreach today to provide love and supplies to Israelis in need.


Pray for our aid outreaches to Holocaust Survivors, Pro-Life Families, and Immigrants to Israel. Pray for the individuals and families we serve – that their needs will be met, and that through our service they might glorify our Father in heaven.


Proclaim to your friends, family, small group, church or congregation the needs of the Israeli people, and share with them what they can do about it.


Partner with us to provide aid to Israel’s most vulnerable. Consider a monthly or recurring gift to help us budget and expand our work.