Dr. Dauermann found Jesus to be the door to real Jewish life!

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In this Jewish testimonial video, Dr. Stuart Dauermann,

Dr. Stuart Daurermann grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn in a divisive family, his father an Orthodox Jew, and his mother a Sicilian Christian. He lived in a dissonance between the Christian and Jewish worlds, and felt at the time that only after we die will we know which religion was right.

Upon attending the Manhattan School of Music for his venture into a music career, Stuart found himself invited to a discussion group about the New Testament. He had never opened the New Testament before, and was surprised to read about the passover.

“I did not expect to find anything Jewish in this book, but I did. I assumed it was one of those books that I saw nuns reading on the subway—something written in Latin—it was none of those things.”

He came across a very powerful passage in which Yeshua states that it’s not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out of a man’s heart that defiles him.

“It made so much sense to me, that the problem of evil in the world is not out there in the air, in the ozone, in the system, the problem of evil comes from the heart of man.”