Update: Biggest Call Up in Israel’s history

We have now learned that October 7th was the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust. So now we are seeing the largest number of reservists called up in Israel's short history. 360,000 Israelis have received what is known as a “Tzav 8”, the order to go and take their place in the military effort to repel Hamas and prevent such a massacre happening again. Fathers, sons, brothers and boyfriends are missing from their homes now, while their loved ones can only wait and pray for good news. The mass conscription has also meant many are called away from their professions, leaving many in the lurch as their coworkers are absent. Many people have had to come back from overseas, navigating the challenges of flight cancellations and an airport under fire just to get here.

People were expected to arrive for duty at such speed that many had no time to take anything with them. Left without any change of clothes or basic personal equipment, there have been calls on social media asking if people could bring key items to them. And people have responded, rallying around to make sure people have what they need – even a pilot offering to take people from the US to Israel if they needed to get there. It has been our joy to be able to gather provisions and packages with things like camping mattresses, water, sandwiches, and socks for reservists going to defend Israel on our behalf.

Many believers have been conscripted, including several members of our ONE FOR ISRAEL team. We have already heard of two believers who have fallen in battle. We really need your prayers.

How to pray

  • Please pray Psalm 91 over our soldiers, for God to cover and protect every one
  • Pray for wisdom and divine intelligence for those making military decisions
  • Pray for the families left behind, for comfort and strength
  • Pray for Israelis to turn to God at this time, and see His deliverance


If you would like to help our soldiers at this time of emergency and need, you can donate here.


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