Update: Be Careful What You See and Post

Now that the ground in the south has been cleared, people are making gruesome discoveries that will haunt them for a lifetime. Avi Mayer of the Jerusalem Post wrote that a woman was found murdered with a fetus next to her, still attached to its umbilical cord. An elderly woman found in a pool of blood, her body riddled with bullet holes. Entire families found burned to death in their homes and babies beheaded. These scenes are like a horror movie, and no human being should have to encounter such things. The soul isn't meant for such evil.

The message has been sent from the Israeli government to warn that soon our social media will be flooded with vile images and horrific videos of torture and death, with those in captivity pleading for rescue. The terrorists entire strategy is causing terror. We do not help the situation by perpetuating it, and especially not allowing young children to see such things. We need to be careful and wise about what we let ourselves and others see. Because as we've all experienced, once you see something, you can't unsee it.

The Israeli Government requests two things that you can also do:

1. Do not share these videos or photos; they are part of psychological warfare against Israel and even against you.

2. Prevent your children from watching them; they are not suitable for children and will be terrifying.

The message reminds us that these are human beings who are being objectified and exploited for visibility, likes on social media, and to compromise our Jewish spirit. If you want to help Israel, being discerning about what you look at and post this is of the ways you can help.

Please pray

  • Pray for the families who have to process not only loss but extreme trauma in the wake of these attacks
  • Pray for those who survived and witnessed horrors
  • Pray that the terrorists aim to terrorize would be curtailed by people refusing to share images and videos
  • Pray for us as a nation, Jews and Arabs, believers and non-believers, to look to God who can heal and restore



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