Update: Hezbollah and the Northern Border

There has been an exchange of fire after missiles were sent from both Lebanon and Syria, according to an update from the IDF. An anti-tank missile was sent towards one of Israel's military vehicles and an Israeli helicopter struck an observation post in retaliation, and an Israeli tank took down another observation post also belonging to Hezbollah. The army has fired at military targets in Syria from which the attacks were launched, however it seems there is no major escalation on the northern border at this point. Residents in the north of Israel were put on alert on Saturday afternoon, but the concern about infiltrators coming by air turned out to be a false alarm.

Rambam hospital in Haifa has opened its emergency section in preparation for an attack from Hezbollah in the north. The state of the art hospital facility is seven stories underground, and is bomb proof against conventional, chemical, and gas warheads. The decision to open up the facility comes not only in reaction to developments with Lebanon, but also due the large number of critical casualties being flown up to Haifa for treatment. Many of the small hospitals in the south have been overwhelmed. However, most of the male surgeons have now received call ups to serve in the military, having to leave their female peers to deal with all emergency surgeries.

Several terrorists broke through the northern border from Lebanon but have been found and eliminated. Meanwhile, the IDF has readied itself for operations inside Lebanon and has warned it will strike Damascus and Assad if Hezbollah joins the fighting. There are images of huge tailbacks and congested roads in the south of Lebanon as cars are cramming to leave, knowing that trouble is imminent. Many Lebanese are culturally Christian rather than Muslim, and few of them want any part in this war. Lebanon is still recovering from its own devastating tragedies and economic disaster.

How to pray:

  • Pray that this war does not escalate, but that Lebanon's leaders manage to restrain Hezbollah at this time
  • Pray for innocent Lebanese people who are fleeing their homes in fear
  • Pray for wisdom for the IDF as they monitor the situation and decide what to do
  • Pray for hospital workers in Haifa and all over the country who are overwhelmed with extremely intense and traumatic situations



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