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Jewish Testimonies (I MET MESSIAH)


A Jewish Doctor finds cure for the soul

Dr. Miller was told by his Rabbi that asking questions and wanting to know more about God is considered "blasphemy", but that never stopped...

The Kooks Met Messiah

In this Jewish testimonial video, a husband and wife share their journey of how Jesus, the Messiah, guided them out of the darkness of the new age Hippie movement and into the light. The couple both came from strong Jewish backgrounds, but were never able to connect to the teachings, feeling too lost in translation. Over time, they both drifted away from the Synagogue and into New Age teachings, taking interest in LSD, free love, and the occult. But upon introspective, Doug felt a dark stain within him that could only be healed by the word of God, and he began to search for the truth.

"Is there really only one way to God?" (Steve Weiler)

Steve grew up feeling disconnected from his Jewish faith. After his Bar Mitzvah, he announced to his dad that he was not going to...

Jesus is Pro-Life! (Lawrence Hirsch)

Life doesn't go the way we think but God uses it all in a very profound way.

"I needed answers and God visited me!"

Valerie was clear about one thing: as a Jew, she could not believe in Jesus. But when her life in London took some unexpected...

Jesus was the best kept secret in Israel, now I live to make Him known. Dr. Erez Soref | I MET MESSIAH

The story of Dr. Erez Soref (President of ONE FOR ISRAEL), a Jewish Psychologist who grow up in Israel and ironically never heard anything about Jesus! His spiritual life journey will give you a unique insight into Israel & Jesus!

Sharon found the answers the rabbis couldn't give!

Sharon Gabizon didn't want to hear about Jesus, until one day, she begged God for a sign...

Jewish scientist (Dr. James Tour) makes the greatest Jewish discovery!

Jewish scientist Dr. Tour is one of the top 50 most influential minds in the world who took part in a Nobel Prize. You...

Don't bet your life on a false prophet!!

As a Jew, Mr. Gabizon struggled between Judaism and Christianity, until he took it to his rabbi only to realize the most shocking truth!!!