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Jewish Testimonies (I MET MESSIAH)


Dr. Seth Postell’s Testimony (I Met Messiah)

Dr. Seth Postell, our very own Academic Dean (who TODAY celebrates his 50th birthday!! 🥳), shares his story on how growing up Jewish he...

Jonathan Bernis: I realized the Gospel is Jewish!!

Jonathan Bernis of "Jewish Voice" shares his testimony how as a Jewish person he found Christ!

Jonathan Cahn's Journey to Christ!

After Jewish Jonathan Cahn has a life-changing revelation about Jesus, he makes a deal with God... and almost dies! Hear his story of how he transformed from an Atheist Jew to a Messianic Jewish Rabbi.

President Trump Amazed by this Jewish Journalist!!

Jewish Journalist to The White House, David Brody, discovers the Good News and amazes President Trump with his faith. He uncovers the greatest truth...

Jewish man sees vision of Jesus in the sky!

Life was empty and meaningless in the haze of partying and heavy drug use. However a ray of light shone through when this Jewish...

Jewish Teacher becomes a Student of Yeshua!

After reading Isaiah 53 this Jewish teacher becomes a student of Yeshua...the greatest Teacher of all!

My husband left me, Jesus found me

Elaine, had everything the world could offer but felt empty inside. But after hearing about Donna Summer being born again she knew it was...

Multi millionaire was spiritually bankrupt until he met Yeshua

When tragedy struck Joseph's family he was determined not just to fill his father's shoes but to surpass everyone's expectations and make a name...

My Jewish faith in Jesus couldn't be contained!

When this Jewish high schooler wrestled with his identity, he tried to hide his messianic faith from those around him. After coming to the...