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Jewish Testimonies (I MET MESSIAH)


Jewish bodybuilder goes from New Age to new life in Yeshua!

After practicing new age for over 15 years, this Jewish bodybuilder encounters a powerful truth that transforms his life forever! You'll never believe how...

Broadway producer takes the narrow way

What do you do when your life revolves around popularity, but the way of truth is the unpopular one to take? Broadway producer Jordan...

Jewish Kirt Schneider was locked up by his own family, only because he said I believe in Jesus!

Growing up in a strong Jewish environment Kirt felt his Jewish life was mostly going through the motions, devoid of a personal connection with...

A Jewish boy challenged by a Christian Girl

In this Jewish testimonial video, a husband explains how his wife opened his eyes to Jesus by challenging his once narrow-minded views on Christianity. Growing...

I studied the art of the ninja, only to find emptiness

In this Jewish testimonial video, former Tank Commander and Ninja master Noam shares how New Age spirituality left him broken and empty, and how the light of Jesus made him whole.

Ellis Goldstien tragically lost his entire family, but found eternal hope.

In this Jewish testimonial video, Ellis Goldstien explains how, through the pain of losing both his daughter and his wife, he was saved, and found hope in Yeshua.

International drug-runner gets trapped by God's love

Living a double life, this Jewish drug-smuggler and father of two eventually hits rock bottom. Arrested, divorced, and shaken by a brutal car accident,...

New York Times best seller, Joel Rosenberg, meets the author of life

You might know Joel Rosenberg from his best selling novels, but you probably haven’t heard the story behind the author, how he was found by his Messiah, Yeshua. In this Jewish testimonial video, Joel Rosenberg, author of “The Last Jihad”, explains how coming to know Jesus as the Messiah changes people, and brings clarity and peace.

Human trafficking lawyer needs saving

A Jewish lawyer who was saving children from human trafficking, felt powerless when her own child was in great danger. Watch as a story...