Answering the Rabbis

The Perfect Sacrifice

God created an escape from eternal death through his Word, which became flesh. He is the Messiah, Yeshua, who was born of the virgin Mary (Isaiah 7:14), in fact, all the Old Testament prophets pointed to him for thousands of years. In the Holy Scriptures we learn that God has

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Is Jesus Just for the Simple and Uneducated?

 Will an educated person inevitably reject the message of Jesus? And what about an intelligent Jew? Would they automatically reject Jesus and His teachings? Is it only fools and uneducated people that are impressed by the message of Jesus? This is what the rabbis want you to believe at

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Answering the Atheist

Are Miracles Possible?

 The Bible describes phenomena which, according to the laws of nature, are impossible. Virgins don’t give birth. Angels don’t deliver messages to humans. The sea doesn’t part on its own. Fire doesn’t rain down from the sky. People don’t walk on water. The dead don’t come back to life.

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A Moral Argument for God

 Some ask: how is it possible to believe in the existence of an all powerful God when the world is immersed in so much evil and wickedness? The problem is, that if there is NO God, there is also no such thing as “evil” or “wickedness”. After all, the claim that

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"This is the 21st century! Who needs God?!"

 In their book, “Evolution from Space”, Nobel Prize of Physics winner – Dr. Fred Hoyle and Astrobiologist – Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe tried to calculate the odds that even one single, long molecule which contains any information could originate at random. We’ll spare you the infinite number they reached, but

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Answers in Prophecy

Messiah: Suffering Servant or Victorious King?

In order to dismiss the possibility that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel, who suffered and died as a sacrifice for our sins, rabbis of our time try to claim that the Messiah was never supposed to suffer or to die at all, but rather that the Messiah was to

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Psalm 22 a Prophecy about Jesus’ crucifixion

Rabbi Yosi Mizrachi claims that Jesus cannot be the Messiah, because when he was on the cross he begged God to save him, but God didn’t save him and he wasn’t able to save himself. In the New Testament, Matthew describes what happened: “And about the ninth hour Jesus cried

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Whom is “my neighbor” that I must love?

Probably the most famous saying in the Bible is:  “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” (Leviticus 19:18) It’s a passage that everybody likes to quote. But only few know how to put in practice.  In every reader’s mind the question naturally comes up: “Who is my neighbor?” Rabbinic answers to the question, “Who is

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Why Messiah must be God!

Does the New Testament turn a mere man into God? This is what New Testament critic Rabbi Daniel Asor thinks: “The Bible rejects pagan idolatry that revolves around human-like gods, men as gods.” Correct. In the pagan cultures of the East, gurus climb up a religious ladder until they get to the highest step of becoming a god. This is idolatry without

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