“Please keep making more videos!”

My story:

I just wanted to thank you… because of your videos many of the students at Yeshiva [Jewish seminary] are actually watching your videos, and it has been a great conversation starter to talk about Yeshua with them. They are hearing about the gospel so thank you and please keep on making more videos. I know at times it must be hard speaking to the rabbis and people in Israel about Yeshua but God is definitely doing a move even with students in Yeshiva that are hearing about Yeshua thanks to you all. Praying for all of you and keep on making more videos please. Many people are believing in Yeshua through them and also hearing about him too. God bless you all and thank you for the videos… they are reaching students at Yeshiva who are now talk about Yeshua because of it.

What to know

  • Sharing the gospel with Jewish people isn't straightforward—there are many cultural challenges and the history of Judaism and Christianity often makes it hard to talk about Jesus without people shutting down. But Jewish people need to hear the gospel!
  • Our videos help present the truth about Jesus in a way that is easier to hear and think about, in the Hebrew language and from a Jewish perspective.
  • Many will consider the claims of Jesus by being able to explore their questions in private, without feeling pushed or harassed. Media ministry is a perfect way for Jewish Israelis to hear the truth about Jesus.
  • It is common to hear new believers in Israel share their testimony saying they found Jesus on the internet, when they started googling their questions.


How to Pray

  • Pray for believers like this one who is encouraging Yeshiva students to consider the claims of Yeshua by sharing our videos with them.
  • Pray that many find our videos online and come to believe in Jesus.
  • Pray for those who believe in Jesus in secret to find ways to connect with others and find fellowship so they can grow.
  • Pray for us, as we support seekers and new believers who want to follow Jesus even though the cost is high.
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