“Everything has just become whole”

My story:

I always wanted to get closer [to God] and to do what you need to do but I always knew in my heart that rabbinic Judaism doesn’t really satisfy in the place that I wanted it to, but since inviting Jesus into my life, everything has just become whole.

I see myself as someone who has received the truth by grace which I don’t deserve. To consider myself a disciple of Jesus is too great of an honour for me to define myself as one.

I’m looking forward to [your next videos] with baited breath! I want you to know that I really love you and you’ve become part of my daily life. I really appreciate you very much and give thanks every day that my eyes have been opened thanks to you, my Jewish brothers, and may heaven forgive whoever says anything different.

What to know

  • Observing Jewish (oral) law is far more important to Orthodox Jews than to other Jews. In fact, nearly eight-in-ten Orthodox Jews (79%) say observing Jewish law is “essential” to what being Jewish means to them, compared with just 19% among Jews overall.
  • Orthodox Jews primarily study The Talmud, not the Torah. The Talmud often contradicts the Bible.
  • Jews who accept Yeshua as their Messiah are often outcast from their family, with their family going so far as to pray the “Kadish” over them, a prayer said for those who have passed away.
  • The concept of a Messiah is not foreign at all to Orthodox Jews, with the Lubavitcher Rabbi, Menachem Schneerson, being one of the more popular ones (even though he fulfilled very few of the messianic prophecies).


How to Pray

  • Pray for protection around those that decide to follow Yeshua.
  • Pray that they may be a light in the darkness around them.
  • Pray that they would be able to meet other believers and enjoy fellowship together.
  • Pray that all Israel, regardless of background, may be saved!


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