You might know Joel Rosenberg from his best selling novels, but you probably haven’t heard the story behind the author, how he was found by his Messiah, Yeshua.

In this Jewish testimonial video, Joel Rosenberg, author of “The Last Jihad”, explains how coming to know Jesus as the Messiah changes people, and brings clarity and peace.

Joel’s parents found the Messiah when he was young, and it radically changed his tense and anxious home life for the better, but Joel himself didn’t fully comprehend the Bible and it’s importance, finding himself lost during the various bible classes and activities he would attend. However, during the fifth grade, he asked his father about Passover, and to his shock, made the realization that he was Jewish as well. It began a process within Joel, “Okay, so if I have these Jewish roots, what’s all that mean?”
His journey took a dark turn, and depression set in, leading Joel to question everything about his faith, what it’s supposed to mean, and when he’d ever received the joy he was promised. But the Lord spoke to him in that instant, “Why would you ever expect to experience my blessings, when you don’t even know me?” The real question, Joel states, is what does Jesus actually say? It is important for Jews, Christians, and Gentiles alike to all read the Bible for themselves, to know Jesus for themselves, and to see, for themselves, that he is the Messiah. “How could you be a Jew, and believe in Jesus? The answer is very simple actually; Jesus was Jewish, his Disciples were Jewish, he lived in Israel, and he fulfilled all the prophecies that the Jewish prophets had said.”

“The most Jewish thing in the world you can do is follow the Jewish Messiah.”