In this Jewish testimonial video, lawyer Diane Cohen shares how, amidst the pain of a divorce, a series of miracles led her to declaring Jesus as the Messiah.

Diane grew up in an educated household, but she was always encouraged to avoid researching Jesus. Eventually, she found herself in a bookstore, and picked up a book titled, “Rabbi Jesus”.

“He changed the world if nothing else, so I’m just curious…I just want to understand a little bit more about who Jesus is.”
Taking the book with her on her flight, she was approached by a woman, who inquired about the book she was reading. The woman revealed that she was a prominent scholar who had written quite a few books about Jesus and his life, and would be more than happy to mail Diane a copy of one of them so she could look more into the mystery behind Jesus.
However, Diane’s marriage of 28 years fell apart shortly after she came home, and raising her children became her primary concern. Then one night, she had a dream about a certain passage, “He will delight with you in song,” but could not place where the line was from. Later, in the Spring of that year, a package came in the mail containing an odd book with a card inside.
The letter was a blessing from the writer she had met on the plane, and at the very end, it had stated, “Zephaniah 3:17, He will delight in you with song.”
“I’m just in shock. I’m in shock on so many levels that this card and this book arrived at this time.”
In late August of 2001, Diane’s sister invited her to Church to support a friend who had recently become a pastor. Diane was moved by the service in a way she had not felt before, and afterwards, was surprised to learn that the two new pastors of the church were Jewish themselves. In that moment, a woman prayed over her, and Diane felt the holy spirit electrify her with an overwhelming understanding of who Jesus really is, the Messiah.
“I can’t explain why, but it is true, I know that it is true—I know it is in my heart and I have the rest of my life to read Scripture an understand the why, but I know it— it is the truth “