A Jewish boy challenged by a Christian Girl

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In this Jewish testimonial video, a husband explains how his wife opened his eyes to Jesus by challenging his once narrow-minded views on Christianity.

Growing up in a loving, traditional Jewish family, Danny’s Jewish identity meant a lot to him. He attended synagogue every week and never missing a holiday. Shortly after college, he decided to move to Aspen, Colorado and pursue his lifelong interest of skiing.
It was during his second season that he met a young Christian woman, “perhaps the most curious person I have ever met in my life.” She began to ask questions about his relationship with God and what he believed, which left the husband confused, and eventually upset. “How you could expect me to believe in a God in whose name my people have been killed for two-thousand years!”
To him, she was narrow-minded and dogmatic with her views on Judaism, but as he was challenged by more and more questions about what he believed in and why, he began to think that perhaps it was his own views that were too narrow-minded.

“I knew Jews don’t believe in Jesus, I knew that you can’t be Jewish and believe in Jesus. But the more she pressed me to explain why these things are true, the more I realized, I didn’t know.”

He decided to read the Bible for himself beginning with Genesis, but made sure to avoid the New Testament as he knew it contained “gentile grandmother stories” and “Antisemitism.”

However, he soon began to uncover that the God the woman spoke of was his God as well; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. “It really challenged me on the inside, as it made me realize that I didn’t know my own God.” As he read on, his thoughts drifted more and more about a personal relationship with God, and he began to pray.
“God, if Jesus is the Messiah, and you want me to put my faith in him, then I’m willing to do that; but only if it’s true.”
Danny thought about what other people, such as his family, friends, and synagogue would think of him and this leap forward, but he heard God speak to him;
“Danny, that’s right, the choice is between following Me, and following everything and everyone else.”
By the end of the summer, the woman had come back to Aspen, and gave Danny a book titled, “What’s a Nice Jewish Boy Like You Doing in a Southern Baptist Church?” The book answered various questions that still had Danny questioning, and through these answers, he finally picked up and read the New testament for himself for the first time. He was shocked to discover the story of a Jewish man addressing Jewish topics in a Jewish way, teaching to love your enemies. This shattered his misconceptions and finally brought him to see Jesus as his Messiah.
After he had come to faith, it took him quite a while to build up the courage to tell his family, who refused to acknowledge Jesus and their son’s newfound belief. But after much effort, Danny was able to lead his mother to Christ at the age of 86.