In this time of crisis many of our friends are asking what they can do to help.


1. Pray

We’ve created short prayer requests below


2. Give

Our team is working night and day to send aid and care packages to our soldiers, essential supplies, funding evacuation and accommodations for families in the south of Israel. Join our team on the ground in Israel and help us show the Love of God through your support.


3. Share and spread the news

Despite the barbaric attack against our nation it’s easy for the world to forget and international news is already turning against Israel. Let your voice be heard and stand with us on social media as you share our updates.

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Help us show the Love of God through your support.
help us show the Love of God through your support.

October 7, 2023

It was the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles and Israel was at rest, and preparing to celebrate Simchat Torah, the rejoicing of the Torah. As it was a Sabbath, many had their phones switched off and the nation was with their families on this special holiday. But on Shabbat of October 7th Israel awoke to an unprecedented nightmare.
Suddenly by land, air, and sea, terrorists launched the deadliest attack in Israel's modern history. The brutality and loss of life in this attack was even worse than Yom Kippur 1973. More Jews were murdered on that day than on any other day since the Holocaust. Moreover, the murder, torture, and kidnappings of innocent civilians shocked Israel and the world as terrorists took over towns and villages in southern Israel. We in Israel are heartbroken and struggling to stomach the scenes of violence and evil that are emerging. Israeli police and military responded but in the initial fighting were overwhelmed with the scale of our enemies' attack. Israel quickly declared a state of war, and responded by calling up reserves for a military response both to repel the attacks from Hamas in Gaza but also from Hesbollah’s attacks in the northern border of Israel. Many of our friends, relatives, and coworkers have been conscripted and we are already hearing reports of people we know lost in battle. We also have brothers and sisters in Gaza who are in great danger at this time.
We value your prayers and support now more than ever.
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Help us show the Love of God through your support.
help us show the Love of God through your support.


Please give now to offer vital assistance to Israelis in crisis, including:
  • Emergency Food: Provide nourishment to those in immediate need.
  • Essential Supplies: Ensure families have access to critical items.
  • Trauma Support: Offer comfort and care to those traumatized by the events.
  • Funding for Evacuation Accommodations: Help families find safe shelter during this crisis
Thank you for your urgent support. Your generosity will make a significant impact on the lives of many Israelis affected by this crisis!

Accountability & Stewardship

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How can we pray?

  • One For Israel supporting idf soldiers during warPray for the soldiers who are on the front lines right now. Pray for their protection not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. Many will see very traumatic scenes and experience things that are hard for the human heart to process.
  • There are many believers in the army. Please cover them all in prayer.
  • Some 300,000 reservists have been called up for duty. Some congregations are now missing their pastors, leaders, and youth workers who have now been called up to fight. Several of our own team at ONE FOR ISRAEL are among those who have been called to the front lines.
  • Pray for wisdom for all those giving leadership and strategy, that God would give them divine intelligence and guidance.
Israeli Parliament
  • Leading up to this conflict our Government in Israel has been in Chaos, thankfully the war has brought us together to fight a common enemy, pray that our government can be unified in our cause to defeat these enemies and ensure a swift victory.
  • Pray for wisdom as they lead our military and police in handling both domestic conflict and the war on our southern and northern front.
  • Pray that they will make the right and righteous decisions that will ensure a lasting peace and security and not a temporary compromise.
  • Pray that they would stand strong against the international pressures from governments and international media.
One For Israel
  • War is very traumatic for the children involved in this conflict.  There are many in shock and deep trauma, not only from the rockets but also from the ground incursions.  Also all school has been cancelled until further notice, and many are confined to their homes.
  • Pray for the Elderly.  Many aren’t able to quickly reach the bomb shelters in time and many are injured as they rush to shelter.  Pray for comfort and protection over the elderly in Israel.
  • Pray against fear and reprisal attacks.  In previous attacks we saw Arab Israelis and Palestinians committing terror attacks in the heart of the country.  This lead to reprisal attacks and riots that drove a deep divide into our country.  Pray that God would give peace especially in these mixed cities and that our country would be united in this war.
  • Pray for the hostages, for their safety and wellbeing, especially the children and elderly. Many of the older people do not have access to medication that they need, and the little ones will be scarred for life. Pray for God to cause their captors to be merciful.
  • Pray that they turn to God at this desperate hour, that He would visit them to bring comfort, strength, and hope.
  • Pray for the army as they plan how to find and reach those in captivity. Pray for miraculous escapes and rescues.
  • Many Israeli families have lost loved ones, who are dead or missing. Please pray for their comfort as they face unbearable loss.
  • Pray for families of the soldiers being called up right now. When reserves are conscripted, families are missing their fathers, brothers, sons… 
  • Pray for the families of those captured. Pray for God’s great love and comfort to surround them and strengthen them at this time. Pray that they, too, will call out to God.
  • There are a good number of secret believers in Gaza, and many who have seen our videos online in Arabic. Pray for God to care for all His sheep there, protecting them from all evil, danger, and harm.
  • Pray for terrorists to encounter Jesus, for many dreams and visions during this time.
  • Even though a majority support Hamas a large number living in Gaza do not. There are no bomb shelters, but rather militants use civilians as human shields. Pray for God’s help as Israel tries to accomplish its military goals while sparing the lives of civilians as much as possible.