Two Jewish hippies, one blowing his mind with LSD, the other into the occult—until the Jewish Messiah brings them out of darkness into His light together.

A husband and wife share their journey of how Jesus, the Messiah, guided them out of the darkness of the new age Hippie movement and into the light.

The couple both came from strong Jewish backgrounds, but were never able to connect to the teachings, feeling too lost in translation. Over time, they both drifted away from the Synagogue and into New Age teachings, taking interest in LSD, free love, and the occult. But upon introspective, Doug felt a dark stain within him that could only be healed by the word of God, and he began to search for the truth.

He was led to Isaiah 53, and discovered, “a Jewish man who suffered on behalf of the Jewish nation, a blood sacrifice that would cover for all mankind, once and for all.” This revelation about the Messiah led him to a newfound faith that would not only begin his search to know God, but allowed him to protect his wife after she attempted an occult technique. After her harrowing experience, she began to read the book of Isaiah herself, and experienced a peace unlike anything else before, “It was like the ceiling of my dorm room began to open up, and something was being drawn back. This is the Way, walk in it.”

It was through the light of Messiah that the two were rescued from the darkness together.