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Our Online Bible Courses from Israel


Bringing the Land of the Bible right to your desk!

Online Courses Available at Israel College of the Bible:

  1. The Historical Jesus of the New Testament
  2. The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith
  3. The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament
  4. Jewish – Christian Relations
  5. Biblical Geography

Studying the Bible with Israeli experts in archeology, history and theology might seem like an impossible dream, but now you can study with Israel College of the Bible right where you are!
Watch our lecturers’ teachings on location all over Israel, bringing treasures from the Land of the Bible to your home.
We want to share the valuable knowledge and resources that God has given to us with people around the world, therefore we have crafted online courses about Israel, Judaism and the Bible that you can take wherever and whenever you want. Gain internationally accredited qualifications or choose to lighten the load and study for personal enrichment.

  • engaging video lectures from sites in Israel
  • clear curriculum provided for you to follow
  • fit the studying around your schedule – enroll any time during the academic year
  • courses are self-paced, providing the flexibility of a six month time period
  • choose when to complete your assignments and tests based on your own schedule
ONE FOR ISRAEL is an initiative of native-born Israelis on the forefront of high-tech media evangelism, proclaiming salvation to Israel, raising up spiritual leaders through ONE FOR ISRAEL’s Bible College and equipping them with the tools they need to transform our communities.


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