Being Jewish is not easy! Being a Jewish follower of Yeshua is even more difficult. As Jews, we have to deal with growing anti-Semitism worldwide. As Messianic Jews, we are often rejected by our own families. Spiritual leaders in the Jewish community tell us we are no longer Jewish if we believe in “that man.” Within the Body of Messiah we are often misunderstood by our Gentile brothers and sisters in Yeshua who may not have a clue about our very acute identity struggles with which Gentile believers typically do not have to face.

Are we under the law?
Should we follow Rabbinic traditions?
Should we keep the Torah? How?
What is the purpose of the law?
Did Messiah come to point us back to the law?
Why did God give the Torah in the first place?

In this short book, Dr. Seth Postell (our academic dean), Eitan Bar (our media-evangelism director), and Dr. Erez Soref (our president) will deal with these questions. This book is the first to have been published by One For Israel.

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1. In English, only a digital version is currently available.