Update: War Causes Many to Turn to God

They came from atheistic kibbutzim. From Orthodox synagogues. From mosques in Egypt. Even a Samaritan from Samaria! The people turning to ONE FOR ISRAEL for spiritual help are coming from every direction. We have been overwhelmed at the rise in the number of messages we’re receiving, phone calls coming in, and conversations we’re having. God is turning the hearts of many people to Him during this war.

People who used to put their trust in the leaders and the army of Israel are finding that the only place they can really turn to for help is God. People who love peace are dismayed at the violence and chaos that has erupted. Many are realizing the only anchor in these times is faith in God who is over and above the whole earth.

“I came to faith in Jesus when I was an atheist who was depressed… I felt there was only evil and suffering in the world. When I came across your amazing YouTube channel, my heart opened to Jesus.”

Many others have been making contact, wanting to delve into the New Testament and to hear more about Jesus, ranging from 20 years old to 54 in age, and from all different backgrounds. Five have made the decision to follow Jesus in recent weeks.

We also have many enquiries from Muslims who are responding to our outreach in Arabic. An imam from Egypt has been born again and has just told us he is ready to be baptized.

In addition to the seekers and new believers, we often hear from people who secretly came to faith months or even years previously, but have only just summoned the courage to reach out. One such lady received Jesus several years ago, but has been alone in her faith until she just contacted us. We also have two Orthodox Jewish men who we meet regularly who wanted to read the New Testament and undergo discipleship. One of them is a rabbi. He understands that he has to make a decision about what to do now, and asks us to pray for courage, and for his wife.

Even as I am writing this update, I just heard that we got yet another message from an ultra orthodox guy wanting to learn more about Jesus:

“I’ve started to learn about Jesus and really relate to what I’m learning. I’m starting to understand. I believe that it’s true and I want to know more—to become a follower of Jesus. My question is, how do I go about this?”

Meanwhile, as we’re out and about, doors are swinging wide open for us to share the gospel in personal conversations. As we meet people who are holed up in hotels, having had to evacuate their homes, we find people hungry for answers, for hope. People who are wanting to hear about God, and about the truth. People who will keep the conversations going for hours because they want to know more.

One of our Arabic outreach team members has had doors open to share with neighbors who wanted to talk about God: her father had died and wanted to talk about what happens after death, and whether Jesus is really God. In a Jewish settlement in Samaria (in the West Bank) the son of one of our team was contacted by a Samaritan friend: “I want to talk about philosophical things”, he said. They spent ages talking about God and spiritual matters. Another member of our team has to serve on guard duty in his community sometimes, and he’s being grilled about their faith in the extended one-on-one time that comes with keeping watch together with someone for hours on end. Years of faithful friendship and spiritual seeds sown are now coming to fruition all over the country.

Please pray:

Pray for us to make the most of all the opportunities we have as people are eager to turn to God at this time.

Pray for those who have decided to follow Jesus and for wisdom for those supporting them in discipleship.

Pray for courage for those who want to reach out but are hesitant, and for God to greatly reward the courage of everyone who has taken a step towards Jesus.

Pray for protection, grace, and wisdom – particularly for those in religious communities, whether Jewish or Muslim, especially for those who are leaders in their communities.

That there would be no corner of Israel left out of God’s gathering at this time—that people from every part of Israeli society would be drawn to Him.


Photo by Maayan Nemanov on Unsplash

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