Update: Abby’s Relatives are Safely Back Home!

A few weeks ago, Dr Erez Soref sat down with Abby Onn whose family members from Kibbutz Nir Oz were brutally attacked on October 7. The family WhatsApp that morning was full of horrifying messages as they said they had terrorists in their homes. Some managed to escape, others were missing for days before they discovered they had either been killed or taken hostage. When we talked with her she had no idea what was happening to those who had been taken into Gaza, and was in a living nightmare.

Those that survived the attack have been deeply traumatized. Abby encouraged everyone to hear the stories and share them, as a way of standing against evil. We have seen a tremendous response from people like you who have stood with Israel and amplified our voices, praying and calling for the captives to be returned and brought back home.

Today we are delighted to tell you that two of the children that were held as hostages, Sahar and Erez Kalderon, have been released!

They are safely back in Israel and with family once again. Their father, Ofer, remains in captivity, and the road to recovery for all involved will be long. Twelve year old Erez has been telling his family of the torture he has been subjected to, being forced to watch the footage of the massacre, and told not to cry, at gunpoint. As time goes on we will learn more about the atrocities inflicted upon the hostages. But we are so glad that Sahar, Erez, and many other Israeli hostages have been brought back home. You joined us in praying for their safe return, and now we can celebrate their freedom from captivity.


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