There are hundreds of Israeli soldiers who love Jesus serving in the IDF. But it's not easy!
Serving in the IDF is extremely challenging – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. For those who believe in Jesus, they may find themselves the only believer on their base, isolated and struggling to stand strong in their faith. Peer pressure at this stage of life can be intense, coupled with the fact that they are surrounded by others living life with very different values and worldviews.
Israelis are required to serve in the army after high school, women for two years and men for three. It's a critical time of life for many people as it's the time people decide how they will live their life and which direction they will head in the future. It's the time that identities are forged and destinies are set into motion.

ONE FOR ISRAEL's Soldiers Ministry supports believers in the IDF.
We aim to help them to maintain their walk with God during their army service, and to share their faith with those around them, being a light and a witness to everyone they encounter.


For many it's their first time away from home, from their congregations, and from other believing friends. Sadly, about a third of soldiers from believing backgrounds walk away from their faith during their time in the army. It's extremely difficult to stay standing strong, but we are determined to do all we can to support them, and to help them keep walking with Jesus.
ONE FOR ISRAEL produces weekly videos and devotionals that are relevant to believers in the IDF, dealing with subjects pertinent to their situation: How do I “pray constantly” in the whirl of life on an army base? How do I helpfully talk about my faith with others?
Bible readings and helpful thoughts about how to apply the Scriptures in the busy-ness of army life are sent directly to their mobile phones so that they have spiritual sustenance readily and easily available.

We provide conferences to gather the believers together for times of encouragement and much-needed fellowship, to keep them going during their time of duty.


“It was just amazing!”

“Thank you for your willingness to serve us as soldiers and to give us your time to invest in us!”

“I haven’t been to such a spiritually challenging conference for ages, helping me to look and see what I was doing wrong or right. I really felt that I was expanding my understanding of my calling in this world.”


Many Christians desire to support Israel and to encourage those serving to protect our nation, which is wonderful. But we think you'll agree that the gift of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, is the very best way to bless Israel – and now you can do both at the same time!
Your gift towards our soldiers ministry helps to bless and encourage those who are serving our country. You can help provide the support that they need spiritually so that they can reflect Jesus to everyone they meet, both on their bases, and in their active duty. What better way to bless Israel?!
Your donation designated for our ‘Soldiers Ministry’ will help to provide a soldier with spiritual sustenance throughout their service. This is a blessing not only for them, but it will overflow to everyone they encounter, as they serve the nation of Israel.

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