Our Bible College is a living testimony of God's covenant faithfulness to Israel and the power of the gospel to unite Jews & Arabs!

Our College and Seminary – (“Israel College of the Bible“) – was established for the purpose of training the rapidly growing community of followers of Jesus in Israel. We are, in fact, the only evangelical Hebrew speaking seminary in the world! Jewish and Arab believers come from all over Israel to study the Bible, theology, counseling, and practical ministry. They learn to rightly divide the Word of Truth and stand strong on the foundations of their faith. Located in central Israel, our seminary offers a variety of programs to equip God's people for ministry.

Amidst all the violence and hatred around us, a miracle of peace and brotherhood is taking place at One For Israel. In 2014 we opened a groundbreaking program to train pastors in Israel; approximately half of those who studied with us have been Jewish, and the other half Arab. It has been a privilege to have these godly men study, fellowship, laugh and grow together with us – and with each other. Can you imagine the impact this could have in Israel? Here is a real, living example of peace between Jewish and Arab leaders – all in the name of Jesus! Usually in the Western world, if someone wants to become a pastor, he first must acquire training at a Bible college / seminary and then be ordained as a pastor. The Israeli reality, however, is the other way around: new believers start gathering around a more mature believer, who becomes their pastor, and only later realizes that he needs training. For many, this was merely a dream – is it possible that there would be accessible training for Israeli pastors?

Could Jews and Arabs study together in the same classroom?
Instead of attacking one another, could they study the Word of God together, in unity and in peace, serving Jesus as ONE new man?

– YES!

After a nearly 2000 year exile, the tongue of the prophets (Hebrew) and the Land of the Patriarchs were reborn. In the very early years of Modern Israel, there were only a handful of Hebrew speaking Jewish believers in Yeshua (Jesus). These modern-day Ezras and Nehemiahs sowed the gospel seed with tears. In the past twenty or so years, there has been and continues to be shouts of great joy as the numbers of Messianic believers have increased 100-fold. Today, Messianic Jewish believers number in the thousands, with Messianic congregations numbering in the 100s.

This miraculous growth comes with the ever growing needs of a fledgling Messianic community to disciple and equip the Body of Messiah in a language that hasn't been used to preach, teach, and write about Yeshua for nearly 2000 years!
The Bible College was born for that very purpose. Israeli believers (native born and immigrants from around the globe) come from all over Israel to study the Bible, theology, counseling, and practical ministry. They learn to rightly divide the Word of Truth, to defend the Messianic interpretation of the Hebrew Bible, to understand the New Testament in its Jewish context, to stand strong on the essentials of the faith.

God's thoughts are not our thoughts!

Though Israel College of the Bible was specifically created to serve the needs of the Israeli Messianic Jewish community, Messiah-centered theologically sound teaching always draws a crowd. In our case, a growing number of Arab followers of Messiah who have a God-given love for the Jewish people, and a passion to proclaim the glories of Messiah in Arabic and in Hebrew. Today, about 30% of the student body are Arab believers in Jesus. Israel College is not only the only Hebrew speaking Bible College in the World, it is the only place in the Middle East where Jews and Arabs regularly come together to study, to train, to pray, to fellowship, and to serve one another in the name of Yeshua.

What about the English speakers?

We want to share the valuable knowledge and resources that God has given to us with people around the world, and so we have crafted online courses about Israel, Judaism and the Bible that you can take wherever and whenever you want.
Our online distance learning system offers the following courses:

  1. The Historical Jesus of the New Testament
  2. The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith
  3. The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament
  4. Jewish – Christian Relations
  5. Biblical Geography

and more…


Scholarships are provided by us to the vast majority of our Israeli students, and each scholarship is usually for between 75%-100% the total price.
Israel College of the Bible is a modern day miracle, a place where the remnant of Israel is alive and well, a place where the gospel's power is displayed through broken walls and vibrant love.


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