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Yoav, A Jewish Israeli Found a Source of Life!

Yoav lived a surfer's dream, but that was nothing compared to what he found. That peace hasn't left him till this day. For more...

Israeli Jewish Avi released from drugs by Yeshua (Jesus)!

Avi was trapped by addictions from an early age, and ended up on the streets of Tel Aviv… until someone told him how he...

Israeli Jewish Girl, Anastasia, finds hope in Yeshua (Jesus)!

Lost in a world with no apparent meaning, Anastasia tried all sorts of ways to find enjoyment in life, but only found the answers...

Israeli Jewish Sahar who grew up with the synagogues' hypocrisy found God elsewhere!

Sahar is a JEWISH ISRAELI who grow up with a lot of religious hypocrisy in the synagogues around him, so he looked for God...

Russian Orthodox Jew in Israel, Neriyah, came to believe in Yeshua (Jesus)

As an Orthodox Jew in Israel, Neriyah came to believe in Jesus-Yeshua, yet rabbis and family members tried to change his mind...but after the...

Avner (Israeli Jew) meets his Messiah Jesus while bound to a psychiatric bed!

Avner had always felt drawn to the Bible, but when he called out for help, he had a radical encounter with the main character...

What Psychiatrists have not been able to fix in Israel Harel, Yeshua the Messiah fixed!

Israel was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but Yeshua completely cured him, to the utter amazement of his psychiatrist and everyone who knew him!

Despite his lifestyle – Carlos found hope in Yeshua (Jesus)

Carlos is an Arab from Haifa who found himself as low as someone can get. But Jesus the messiah extended his hand and saved...

Pastor Oded Shoshani (King of Kings Jerusalem) – Testimony of an Israeli Jew who met

University, synagogues , Tel Aviv , love , Jesus - the story of Jewish Israeli Oded!