“They’ve turned Jesus into something forbidden”

My story:

Jesus for me is the beloved Son of God, King of the Jews, the Messiah Son of David who rose from the dead, and who was born of the Holy Spirit. After I read the New Testament, I couldn’t help but believe—I was filled with love and joy which I couldn’t explain. I got the New Testament from you and started to believe thanks to your videos on the igod website.

I’m 27, Jewish, and it’s hard to see how people just don’t believe in Jesus for no reason. They’ve turned him into something forbidden to speak about but if they were to read the New Testament surely they wouldn’t be able to disbelieve either.

What to know

  • Observing Jewish (oral) law is far more important to Orthodox Jews than to other Jews. In fact, nearly eight-in-ten Orthodox Jews (79%) say observing Jewish law is “essential” to what being Jewish means to them, compared with just 19% among Jews overall.
  • The New Testament is generally considered taboo and even dangerous in Jewish circles. You cannot buy it in Israeli bookshops. When Jewish people finally get hold of a copy and dare to read it, they are usually surprised by how Jewish it is!
  • Jews who accept Yeshua as their Messiah are often outcast from their family, and face social rejection.


How to Pray

  • Pray for protection and encouragement for those who decide to follow Yeshua.
  • Pray that they would be able to meet other believers and enjoy fellowship together.
  • Pray that many more would get hold of the New Testament—and read it for themselves.
  • Pray that all Israel, regardless of background, may be saved!
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