“I got to know some Messianic Jewish believers”


My story:

I used to be ultra-Orthodox, but I walked away from religion several years ago. I got to know some Messianic Jews about six months ago and since then I spend my best times in a Messianic environment. It's a pleasure to be around every believer I have met, and I admire many things in their behavior.

I was recently exposed to your materials, related to Oral Torah and truth claims you made in the videos. You managed to paint a very clear and detailed picture about many things in contemporary rabbinic Judaism and also in the past. By the way I appreciate your work – you do a really amazing job, great quality content and videos.

Anyway I would love to talk to any of you, to ask questions about what you're saying. I want to hear from you how I can help my family and those around me understand what I'm going through and where my opinions come from, so that I will encounter less hate and violence – at least from my family. My family loves me and they are open to hearing what I have to say so all I need is to know is what to say to them. Anyway I would love to have a conversation with someone with a brain!


What to know

  • Jews who accept Yeshua as their Messiah are often outcast from their family, with their family going so far as to pray the “Kadish” over them, a prayer said for those who have passed away.
  • The concept of a Messiah is not foreign at all to Orthodox Jews, with the Lubavitcher Rabbi, Menachem Schneerson, being one of the more popular ones (even though he fulfilled very few of the messianic prophecies).
  • There are about 30,000 Messianic Jewish believers in Israel, where there are just over 9 million people, about 7 million of which are Jewish. However the number of believers may be much higher.
  • Observing Jewish (oral) law is far more important to Orthodox Jews than to other Jews. In fact, nearly eight-in-ten Orthodox Jews (79%) say observing Jewish law is “essential” to what being Jewish means to them, compared with just 19% among Jews overall.


How to Pray

  • Pray for protection around those that decide to follow Yeshua.
  • Pray that he may be a light in the darkness, and be able to explain what he believes.
  • Pray that he would continue to meet with other believers and come to know Jesus himself.
  • Pray that all Israel, regardless of background, may be saved!
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