Will new Israeli Bill outlaw the Gospel?! – Prayer for Israel

**Update! – Thanks for praying with us, international attention has provoked a swift retraction of the proposed bill. Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted March 22nd that Christian rights will be protected under his government, other leaders followed suit claiming that the bill is not on the current agenda. That said prayers are needed still for the ongoing crisis in Israel. Learn more on our newest update here .

Israel is in the middle of civil unrest and terror attacks. The new government is pushing controversial reforms to the court system, that could take power away from the courts to uphold basic laws that ensure human rights and religious freedom. Despite assurances that human rights will be preserved in these reforms a updated version of the “Anti-Missionary” bill has been brought to the Knesset once again, this updated bill in the light of the judicial reforms could make it illegal to share your faith in person or online in Israel! Download here our 31 days of prayer devotional.