7 Reforms of Rabbinic Judaism #3 The Abolishment of Government

Dr Broshi continues to expound on the 7 reforms of Rabbinic Judaism. After the destruction of the Temple, Judaism experienced sweeping reformations and in effect also invented their own “New Covenant” of the Oral law. In this episode Dr. Broshi discusses how the Rabbis abolished the 3 branches of government and set up their own judicial branch where they are both lawmaker and judge. Notes and references:
1) The dispute between the Yeshiva of God and the Yeshiva of the Rabbis in heaven: b. Talmud Baba Metzia 86a 2) The dispute between R. Joshua and R. Eliezer concerning the oven: b. Talmud Baba Metzia 59b.
3) The tree of knowledge as representing the Oral-Law: R. Meir Eben Gabai, Sefer Avodat Hakodesh, part A, chapter 22.