PayPal Donations

We now have two PayPal accounts available to receive donations.


1. USA PayPal account (Tax-deductible):

Recurring (Monthly) donations available.

* One time or recurring (monthly).


2. Israeli PayPal account (NOT tax-deductible):

Our “Israeli Kosher Piggy Bank” can only recieve one-time donations (no automated recurring donations). And, while giving to our Israeli paypal is not tax-deductible, it is more direct and less headache for us, as well as better for our media-evagenlism team and will meet great needs for our ministry work here in Israel:
    • Helps us hire temporary freelance workers (coding, translations, subtitles, web development, tech support, multimedia, etc..)
    • Helps us outsource IT projects we need help with.
    • Helps us buy basic low cost equipment. 
    • Helps us buy media (graphics, web plugins, photos, audio, video).
  • Give to our Israeli PayPal account via link:
  • Or via: [email protected]

* No recurring (monthly) available.