War Update: Winter is Coming

It might sound strange, but war in Israel has hardly ever happened in the winter. And the implications of cold, wet weather are very serious, both for or our soldiers, the largest army ever mobilized in Israel's history, and also for the many thousands of displaced people in Gaza. Many are sleeping outside, or with insufficient shelter, and without warm, winter clothing.

Our teams are working hard to get desperately needed supplies to as many as possible, as soon as possible.

You might be pleased to know, if you see footage of soldiers on the ground in Gaza, that many of them have received equipment and help that has come from supporters of ONE FOR ISRAEL. We are doing all we can to support soldiers, and have discovered that many of the units we have been serving also have believers among them.

More than that, our Arabic outreach team is in contact with believers in the Gaza Strip, and even though it's harder to bring practical help to them, we are supporting them through our prayers and encouragement.

The door is open to the gospel, both with Israelis and also with Palestinians in Gaza, so please pray that people would get what they need, both practically and spiritually, as winter sets in.

Please pray:

  • For all those sleeping with little or no shelter and in need of warm winter clothing
  • For a rapid end to this war, and the return of the hostages
  • Miraculous provision for those who call on the Lord for help
  • Wisdom and stamina for our teams who are taking aid and equipment to those in need
  • For dreams and visions of Jesus, and boldness for believers to share the gospel at this time when so many are open to God.


Photo by Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash

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