Update: Let’s Keep Praying Into 2024

As the longest night of the year came and went, the hope that things would start to turn for the better in 2024 was palpable. These are dark days, and we all need hope. Typically the start of a new year is cause for celebration and optimism, a new start and the hope of better days ahead. However in Israel the realistic possibility that this war is not going to be over quickly is settling like fine mist. We need to be full of faith, but we also need to live in truth and reality, and the truth is that things are not looking good for Israel right now, in the natural at least.

We have seen a dramatic increase in people turning to God in these hard times, as have many other organizations and ministries. God uses hard times to shake us and cause us to look up. He has done it over and over again with Israel (see Hosea 5:15 for example, and the repeating pattern in the book of Judges) and it really seems that He’s doing it now. Perhaps you can see a similar dynamic where you live, as evil grows, suffering increases, and people start seeking God for help.

So let’s keep praying in 2024 not with rosy tinted glasses of delusion, hoping all will be wonderful, but with sober awareness of God’s work on the earth. Let’s come to Him in humility and sincerity, seeking His heart and His hand to help.

God has done many great miracles in our lives over the past year, and we have seen a lot of answered prayer, but let’s not grow weary as we press in for more answers.

Praying for the hostages

It’s impossible to imagine the suffering of the hostages all these months. Some are severely wounded, others have been beaten and badly assaulted… God has not forgotten them and neither have we.

  • Pray for their preservation during this crisis
  • Pray they would be shown mercy
  • Pray for God to comfort and heal them
  • Pray for their swift return to Israel


Praying for the soldiers

In order to preserve as much life innocent civilian as possible, Israel sent troops on the ground, which is much more dangerous for our soldiers. The work is extraordinarily difficult, stressful and dangerous, and many have been killed. Terrorists have set booby traps such as recordings of children crying out in Hebrew in order to trick the soldiers to their death. There have been many disasters and tragedies, so please lift up our soldiers in prayer with us at this time.

  • Pray for wisdom for those making decisions
  • Pray for angelic protection for the soldiers
  • Pray for God to give them courage and strength
  • Pray that they will succeed in their mission and help those in need


Praying for the families left behind

Many families have empty chairs at the table, whether they are hostages, called up to serve in the army, missing, or dead. Many are dealing with the brutal reality that their loved ones are never coming home again. Let’s pray for them.

  • Pray for comfort and encouragement, provision and help 
  • Pray that they’d encounter God at this time
  • Pray for all who are grieving and for those working with the bereaved


Praying for the future

As we go into 2024 we pray for peace. It’s not yet clear what will happen – whether the war will expand to other fronts, or whether there will be an end coming in the next months. Let’s pray for God’s will in all these matters:

  • Pray that war does not erupt on any other front
  • Pray for a swift end to the war
  • Pray for the right people to make the right decisions about what happens next
  • Pray for peace and restoration


Picture by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

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