Do all religions lead to God?

Refuting rabbinic objections to Christianity and Jesus and Messianic Prophecies
Isn’t it prideful of us to claim that there is only one way to God?
Don’t all paths lead to Him?
While we acknowledge the fact that there are ancient traditions and valuable studies regarding morality and integrity in every religion around the world, we believe that only through the Messiah who is promised to us in the biblical prophecies – that same Messiah whose life is described in the New Testament – can we truly know God.
It stands to reason that, if there is one God who has created one creation, He, Himself, will be the one to tell humanity what is that one way through which we can know and serve Him.
Initially, that may sound prideful and condescending. It may even seem intolerant on our part to declare that only through Yeshua the Messiah can we reach God. After all, it’s easy to find honest, moral people who do not follow Yeshua or God at all. Truth be told, many religious people take the Lord’s name in vain throughout their depraved lives.
Many have developed various religious traditions in order to try to please God in different ways, whether through wearing round pieces of cloth on their heads, or shaving their heads and making an eternal vow of silence. However, if God exists, it’s reasonable to assume that the traditions developed by us as human beings aren’t all that impressive in His eyes.
If God DOES exist, it would stand to reason that He would be the one to decide on the path to reach Him, rather than we – or the traditions passed down to us from one generation to the next.

If a man from Tel Aviv gets on a train to Haifa, while whole-heartedly believing he is headed to Jerusalem, will the man end up in Jerusalem or in Haifa?

Will his innermost intentions change the fact that he is going the wrong way and will not be arriving at his desired destination?
This is also relevant to the spiritual world.
The fact that people believe with all their hearts that their religion or tradition is the right way, doesn’t make their way the right one.
Additionally, the various paths contradict one another. The Catholics claim that only those who follow the pope can please God. Whereas we claim that only those who follow Yeshua the Messiah can discover God. And the Orthodox Jews claim that only those who follow the rabbis please God, whereas the Muslims claim that only those who accept Muhammad can win over God.
It would be a contradiction to believe that they are all simultaneously correct.
The Old Testament and the New Testament repeatedly emphasize that only through acceptance of the Messiah can we truly know God, and not through traditions.
The Messiah, who came here 2000 years ago, claimed that one cannot please or know God by inventing commandments, preserving rules, or belonging to a certain gender, race or nation. Nor can it be achieved through the way we dress or by avoiding specific foods. Rather, by recognizing that all people are equal in the Lord’s eyes; understanding we all are imperfect people and that our loving God revealed Himself to us in our image in order to take away our sins. He came here to cover our imperfection by suffering death in our place.

If faith in the Messiah, which originated in the Old Testament and is expressed in the New Testament, is that path to God, as determined by Him, then no way other than through Yeshua can lead us to God.

“Not so fast,” you say. You’re right, there is an obvious question here:
What is the basis of our claim that faith in Yeshua the Messiah is the only way to reach the kingdom of God?
The answer to that is that only the Messiah’s actions in our lives can provide the solution and the cure to the faulty heart that beats within each and every one of us. External rules lack the ability
to cure our hearts within us. Secondly, any human religion or tradition suggests that the way to gain God’s forgiveness is through human effort, which is reflected through an external lifestyle: how we dress, what we eat, etc.
However, Yeshua the Messiah taught us that imperfect people cannot be the solution to their own imperfections.
Only a perfect God, who has revealed Himself to us through the perfect Messiah, can forgive us our sins, dwell in our hearts and change us from within. We are either right or wrong regarding the way by which God revealed Himself to the world. If we are right, it means there is really no other way to reach God other than through Yeshua the Messiah. And if we are wrong, it means that the Messianic faith is a lie.
Therefore, the main question is: what is the truth?
We all know one fact for sure – a fact which we all try to avoid thinking about. We are all going to die. We are all here, on Earth, for a very short time – perhaps 20 years, perhaps 70 years… with a little luck, we might even reach 120 years. That is a very short amount of time. Could it be that the reason for that is that we are all being tested?
Think about it for a moment: If there is NO God, if everything came to be in a coincidental and random way, out of nothingness, then not only do these questions have no meaning, but there is also no meaning to anything we do or think. And there is definitely no meaning to the very short lives we all live.
We would like to challenge you: claiming that all roads lead to God is the same as claiming there is no God.

When purchasing a new vehicle, if we set aside time for research in order to find the car best suited for us. We should take the question of God’s existence seriously and invest our utmost in answering it.

The next question after that is, “How can we get to know Him personally?”
We need to keep an open mind, and not to let our university professor, the rabbi from our bar mitzvah, or our Aunt Shula think for us. After all, they will not be up there to hold our hand as we leave this world. And Yeshua. Yeshua cannot merely be a good man, a guru or a healer. A good man doesn’t declare that he is the incarnation of God, and then go on to heal the sick, restore sight to the blind and raise people from the dead.
Either Yeshua is the most successful liar in history, managing to fool millions of people into following Him, or He is who He claims He is:
The Way, the Truth and the Life we need to reach God.
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