Eitan Bar

Eitan Bar
Eitan Bar

Eitan Bar is a native Jewish-Israeli who was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel (1984). He & his wife Kate (Married 2007) welcomed their first born son into the world in 2013.

Eitan graduated with his B.A. in Biblical Studies from Israel College of the Bible (Jerusalem, 2009), his M.A. in Theology from Liberty University (2013) and is now pursuing his D.Min (DTS). From 2006 to 2013, Eitan worked for CRU, in which his roles included serving as Israel’s SLM (student-led ministry) and VLM (virtual-led ministry) leader. Eitan currently serves as ONE FOR ISRAEL’s director of the Media & Evangelism Departments and is also the developer and designer of all of the ONE FOR ISRAEL’s websites to date. He has been on the board of the Israeli National Evangelism Committee since 2011 and as of 2015 serve as an advisor. Before being called to ministry, Eitan’s professional background was in “Multimedia Design and Visual Communications” (John Bryce High-Tech College, Tel-Aviv, 2003-2004), in which he worked for various secular advertising agencies (Tel-Aviv, 2004-2006). Eitan has continued his training in the field of multimedia (professional photography, SEO).

Eitan is the producer of:
Answering Rabbis’ Objections to Jesus videos

Favorite Hobbies: Photography, Medic (EMT volunteer for the Israeli national emergency medical service MAGEN DAVID ADOM for 8 years).

Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 11:1.