Greetings from Israel in the name of Jesus our Messiah!

Your most generous giving is having a great impact for Yeshua (Jesus) in Israel. In our highlights below, you’ll see some exciting news: Not only did our Bible college celebrate a significant milestone, but our media team also blazed new ground in reaching Israel with the gospel. You won’t believe what happened!

Recent Highlights

Throughout our walk with the Lord, it is a joy to take time along the way to reflect on what the Lord has done and to praise Him for His faithfulness. This June was such a time, as we marked the 30-year anniversary of our Bible college with our 30th graduation ceremony. With masks and social distancing measures in place, we celebrated the hard work of our students, the newest batch in a community of well over 1000 graduates since our founding in 1990. Praise the Lord!

On the media evangelism front, we blazed new ground through the release of our series “The Lies.” This series exposes 12 lies that the Jewish community has believed, including lies about Yeshua, the New Covenant, Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism. Our last video in the series, about rabbinic attitudes toward women, quickly went viral and a follow-up video was made that got even more views! Hundreds of thousands of Israelis saw this video, leading to thousands of comments and thousands of shares on social media. Through this video and the 12 videos in “The Lies” series, we are pointing our people to the one who is the truth: Yeshua!
Thank you again for your donation(s). You are playing a critical role in sharing Yeshua with the people of Israel. Thank you for being part of this important work.

“Oh, that salvation for Israel would come out of Zion!” – Psalm 14:7