We Can’t be Jews and Believe in Jesus? Oh Really?!

Refuting rabbinic objections to Christianity and Jesus and Messianic Prophecies
The rabbis claim that it is not possible to be Jewish and believe in Jesus.
For example, when Chabad Rabbi Aaron Moss was asked, “Can a Jew believe in Jesus?” his response was: “A Jew can believe in Jesus, in the same way that a vegetarian can enjoy a steak” Regarding the Messianic Jewish movement he wrote: “This is a movement of non-Jews, who pretend to be Jews… by presenting themselves with Jewish names.” These are weak and manipulative arguments, and we will show you why they are very much flawed.
Instead of addressing the facts, Rabbi Aaron Moss tries to influence people’s emotions by treating every Jewish believer in Jesus in a condescending way. Without noticing, Rabbi Moss is also repeating one of the greatest lies of the Spanish Inquisition; the lie that a person can be loyal to Jesus only if he denies his Jewishness. But, in fact, the opposite is true… it is the gentiles who come closer to Judaism when they believe in the most famous Jew in the world, in Jesus. Jesus the Messiah brought millions of gentiles closer to the God of Israel -the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
From a historical point of view, the New Testament clearly shows it was the Jews who first believed in Jesus, and they were actually surprised when gentiles started to believe in him. Jews who believe in Jesus, like us, have always existed – the first believers in Jesus as the Messiah were Jewish, his disciples were Jewish, the first messianic community was Jewish, and it existed right here in Israel. Christianity didn’t exist and there was no such thing as “Christians” during Jesus’ life in Israel- there were only Jews. According to Wikipedia, there are close to half a million Jews who acknowledge the messiahship of Jesus living in the world today. Even during the Holocaust, in the lines to the concentration camps, there were many Jews who believed that Jesus is the Messiah.
You might not be aware of it, but throughout the world, there are large communities of Jewish believers in Jesus. In Israel alone, there are hundreds of communities and home fellowships of Messianic Jews. And yet, the rabbis insist that a person can only be either Jewish or Christian, but not both. This is because the rabbis confuse one simple fact: people are born as either a Jew or as a gentile. If you were born a Jew, you are a Jew… period. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Freud, all of the above, or none of them. You were born a Jew, and you will die a Jew.
Rabbi Moss also says that rabbis and educated Jews would never accept Jesus as the Messiah. He alleges that “the weak in society, the elderly, immigrants and deprived populations” are the ones who accept Jesus. The condescending tone of Rabbi Moss is sickening; the elderly and immigrants are people just like the rest of us. They are not any less successful, or less important than any one of us. In fact, many elderly and many immigrants are actually well-educated and possess a richer life experience than we do. But in any case, here again we are dealing with an absolute lie. There have always been educated Jews who believed in Jesus as Messiah, and there are many who do today. Here in Israel, Rabbi Moss can find them teaching in universities, in the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), and the Weizmann Institute of Science, working as professors and scientists (but we dedicated another clip about this very subject).  In fact, there have been (and currently are) famous and well-accepted Jewish rabbis who believe in Jesus.  Unfortunately, the chances are that you have never heard of them because the rabbinic courts revoked their positions and honor as soon as they realized that they believed in Jesus.
Do you understand? They can treat a rabbi honorably – as educated, great, and holy, but as soon as he decides to accept the messiahship of Jesus, he is suddenly persecuted, and treated as an ignorant person and a traitor, while his elegant past is forgotten and buried as deep as possible.
The reality is, that deeply observant and highly-educated Jews do believe, and have believed that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. Some of their stories can be found on the website: www.xrabbi.co.il

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