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Pray for Netanyahu's New Adviser: Jewish Believer, Hananya Naftali


“I am just a normal guy who made his own decision to follow Jesus,” explains Hananya Naftali.
But the appointment of a Jew who loves Jesus to the office of Deputy Social Media Adviser was shocking enough to end up on the front page of the Jerusalem Post.
Netanyahu’s Social Media Adviser, Topaz Luk, says he “hired a superstar,” and described Naftali as “a full Jew on both sides, who respects Christians who love Israel and do so much to strengthen Israel.”[1]
Hananya is already well-known, having 22,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and hundreds of thousands of people following him on Facebook, but this new appointment has catapulted him to new levels of fame here in Israel. How will the population react to a Jewish believer reaching such a position of prominence and influence?
Please pray with us for Hananya, as his appointment is bound to be controversial. Like a Daniel or an Esther, God has given him a place of influence among the country’s leadership, and we need to pray that God would give him great favor, protection, and divine wisdom.
Join us in praying for others in the public eye to come to faith too!
[1] Jerusalem Post, FROM PRAISING JESUS TO TWEETING BIBI, PM’S NEW RECRUIT HAS COLORFUL PAST, Controversy surrounds Netanyahu’s new social media stafferGil Hoffman,  April 24, 2018

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