I’m sure you have someone dear to you – perhaps a close family member, or an old friend – who does not yet know the Lord. When we think of them, our hearts break. We can’t bear the thought of them being cut off for good. We pray and petition the heavens, trying to match the persistent widow’s determination. I have even caught myself praying, “Do whatever you have to do, Lord – whatever it takes to turn them around!” I would rather that my nearest and dearest would even suffer in this life, if only it meant that they would grasp Yeshua’s outstretched hand and be safely with us in eternity. This is God’s value system too. We see him prioritising the eternal over temporal comfort over and over again. When we consider how to “bless Israel”, are we thinking only of temporary earthly comforts or of the eternal destiny of her people?

Of course, the Kingdom of God is both the “now” and the “not yet” simultaneously. Although we have been saved by the past event of Yeshua’s victory of the cross and resurrection, we will not enter into the fullness of everything he has bought for us in this life – we will have to wait until we are with him in glory. But his love and blessing is not just “pie in the sky when you die”; it’s also “steak on the plate while you wait!” Moreover, when seeking to give and bless others, we do not have to choose between giving to those in practical need and those in spiritual need – God wants us to care about both.
Unfortunately, the help that Israel receives from the outside world is rather lop-sided. The vast majority of aid tends to be driven towards the temporary comfort and relief of Israelis who do not know the Lord, and there is very little given to help them find true rest with God in eternity. What good is it if they have food and medicine now and die only to be separated from the Lord forever? They need both!

Many Israelis know about their practical needs very well, but are not aware of the peril that they are in spiritually. They will not appeal to you for help and rescue from the trouble brewing at the Day of the Lord, because they do not know that they need it. But if you believe the words of the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, you know that this need is the top priority for all of us – even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

We are asking on behalf of those who will not ask you: Would you be willing to contribute towards Israel’s spiritual needs? One For Israel provides Israelis with the life-changing message of the gospel, in ways and with words that Hebrew-speaking Jewish people can understand. You can help us take that message further, to reach more people, and give them a real opportunity to say “Yes!” to Yeshua.

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