Major Milestone of Significance in Israel

A milestone in Israel! 100,000 subscribed to Messianic YouTube channel, igod

We are praising God about this new milestone we've reached here in Israel. We just received our award from YouTube for reaching 100,000 subscribers to our Hebrew language channel, igod. What is amazing is that even since that time, numbers have shot up and we almost have another 50% on top of that already! 141,000 Israelis, Hebrew speakers, are getting every single one of our evangelistic videos as soon as they are out! But that's not all…

Good news in English

Our media team produces fantastic videos on a regular basis which are enjoyed all over the world. Our English language ONE FOR ISRAEL YouTube channel has 625 videos, with hundreds, if not thousands, of comments on each one. We passed the milestone of 100,000 subscribers long ago, and now we have almost ten times that amount—we're approaching a million subscribers on that channel now (963,000 subscribers to date). Our English videos have been watched an astonishing 216,606,289 times—that's well over 200 million views! But it's not surprising that there are many more following us in English, it's the most commonly spoken language in the world, making it a strategic and important language in order to reach people.

A milestone in Israel: almost 150K subscribers in Hebrew!

A far less common language, on the other hand, is Hebrew. While one in five people in the world speak English, only 0.6% speak Hebrew. There are some 9 million Hebrew speakers globally, and of course most of them live in Israel. It's a tiny fraction of the world's population. And this is why we're so excited to have hit—and passed—the milestone of 100,000 subscribers to our Hebrew language YouTube channel. It's a significant development in Israel. It's astonishing to us, and we give glory to God. Most of them are not believers (yet) but they are willing to watch all the videos we make about Jesus, and to publicly subscribe to the channel. In addition, there are many more who watch anonymously, without making the publicly visible commitment of subscribing. Some 250,000 watch and are engaged with our videos regularly, but a huge 60-80% of that number (depending on the video) are not subscribers. That is a huge number of Israelis watching videos about Jesus, isn't it?! 250,000, a quarter of a million!

A quarter of a million Israelis are watching our evangelistic videos on a regular basis!

A milestone in Israel! 100,000 subscribed to Messianic YouTube channel, igod

So now the statistics for our Hebrew language channel, igod, are as follows:

141,000 subscribers

250,000 regularly engaged

over 600 videos in the Hebrew language

Over 35 million views in total

And that's not all.

Also in Arabic

A milestone in Israel! 100,000 subscribed to Messianic YouTube channel, igod

Our Arabic outreach ministry, Eternal Moments (لحظات أبدية), also produces a lot of media for the Arabic speaking world. There are two million Arabic speakers in Israel today, most of whom are Muslims and a fraction are from Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Christian backgrounds. Our Arabic ministry team reaches out to them in videos which explain the words of the prophets, and what they taught about the Messiah. Whether people have come from an Islamic or a nominal Christian background, this reaches everyone! Our Arabic channel, حظات أبدية, currently has 10,500 subscribers and our videos on that channel have been seen over a million and a half times, with over 1,738,704 views.

Unlike Hebrew, Arabic is spoken in many other countries, all over the place. Some 372.7 million people speak Arabic as their mother tongue, and it's another very strategic language for outreach.

We have had responses from all over the Muslim world, and perhaps surprisingly, many from Gaza. Several people have left Islam, decided to follow Jesus, and have been baptized there.

Our Arabic outreach team is doing all they can to support them even as the war rages on. God is not limited by borders as we are, and neither is YouTube!

What's great is that we can do subtitles and share some of these videos between the channels, allowing Hebrew speaking Israelis to hear an ex-terrorist talking about how he came to love Jesus as we translate the Arabic to Hebrew… and Arabic speakers can watch the testimonies of Israeli Jews who have come to believe Jesus is the Messiah. We also do many music videos in all three languages—a blessing to the whole earth!

Praise God with us, He is working powerfully here in Israel in our days, and the truth about Jesus is going viral all over the world.



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