A New Era in Jewish Evangelism – MILLIONS Watched our Evangelistic Videos in 2016!!

We feel incredibly privileged to be alive at this time in history, and to be directly involved in this wave of revival that is happening in Israel and among the Jewish people.
Many others serving in Jewish mission are in agreement that we are in the throes of a serious move of God among the Jewish people. Dave Brickner from Jews for Jesus called it a “Third wave of revival” and Mitch Glaser of Chosen People Ministries also has identified the unusual growth, saying that he had never seen such vitality in over forty years of ministry like he has seen in the last two years.[1]  Congregations all across Israel are feeling the effects of the unusual number of Israelis who are coming to faith from all kinds of backgrounds – Orthodox, secular, high flying professionals, drug addicts and gangsters, young and old. Yeshua loves each one!

Time after time, if you ask these new believers about their journey to faith, many of them will mention our materials that they came across while searching for answers on the internet. It’s such a perfect way for Jewish Israelis to satiate their curiosity about Yeshua in a private and anonymous way, with no pressure.

All together, our videos of Jewish testimonies, gospel explanations, and answers to tough questions have been watched well over 23 million times at our last count in December 2016!!

“I Met Messiah” Jewish testimony videos: over 15 million views!

Approximately 15 million of the total 23 million views were people watching our “I met Messiah” videos (if you have seen any of those testimonies, you are included in that number!) and we have heard of several who have come to faith as a result:
One lady wrote from the States to tell us,

“I found your I Met Messiah videos and began sharing them with my 88 year old Jewish friend…..she asked Jesus to redeem her!!”

Another man wrote contacted us via our English One For Israel YouTube channel:

“Hello. Thank you for the wonderful guiding videos that you guys have uploaded. It’s really inspiring! I believe in Jesus as my savior and Lord.”

Here’s another:

“I am from a Modern Orthodox family. I have been watching your videos for a while now, and I’m curious to find out more about Jesus. Because of my background I have to be careful in my search. I would like to speak to someone if possible. Thanks.”

Hebrew language evangelistic videos: over 9 million views! There are only 8 million in Israel!

What is possibly even more exciting than the vast numbers watching our videos in English is that our Hebrew language videos have been watched almost 9 million times at the last count in December 2016 – that’s a million more than there are people living in Israel! [2]
The most popular video in Hebrew is our ten minute explanation of the gospel, shot in Jerusalem. That has been seen almost 1.5 million times. Over 2 million have seen the testimonies of Israelis who came to faith, sharing their stories in Hebrew, and our apologetics videos dealing with tough questions that many Jewish people wonder about have been watched over 3.5 million times.
We receive many messages on a daily basis from Israelis who write in response to what they have seen, often stumbling across the videos thanks to the adverts which we have tried to distribute in as many places as possible on the internet. Here are some of them from the past year:

“It all started when Shmuel saw an advertisement for your videos on YouTube, we then watched your video about how Yeshua thought to love your enemies, later we saw how the prophecies in the Hebrew scriptures points to Him… our parents are really aggressive against our belief, but we want to keep in touch and ask you questions from time to time.” (Two boys from an Orthodox background who have come to faith in Yeshua)

“I started searching for the truth, I am not a big reader of the Bible but your videos and articles opened my eyes to start to read and look for the truth. Thank you for what you guys are doing, it’s a big blessing to get a lot of information online and in your videos.” (Israeli man)

“I researched your website, watched a ton of your videos, and now want to take an active part in order to learn more and adjust my life in accordance to what you are preaching. Can you please connect me with someone who can give me more information?” (A secular law student in Tel Aviv)

Three more like this came in on that same day, shortly after we released the video about the real origin of the rabbinic oral-law! Then there’s this one from a Jewish young man who works in a Jerusalem hospital:

“I found Yeshua on YouTube, through one of your advertised videos about the falsehood of the rabbinic oral law. I felt that I had to check what it is all about and found a whole new world!! Yeshua changed my life and I’m thankful to Him and to you because of it. I feel that my life was saved. All the information in your videos is so rich in content, pleasant to watch, and the way you explain things is so good that I came to that moment in my life of understanding who Yeshua really is. I thank you from the depth of my soul! I want more Jews to know the truth, which is that Yeshua is the Messiah who we’ve been waiting for all along!” 

He has been put in touch with a congregation in Jerusalem, and has been in contact with the pastor there. He even changed his FB cover page to one with the name of Yeshua on it!
This one came from Tal, a woman in her 40s from central Israel who has since started to go to a Messianic congregation in Netanya:

“Finally, I have reached the destination I was looking for, for years! …I considered myself to be an atheist for a long while, resisting any kind of explanation of God. Until, I came across your video about who Jesus is, that you did in Jerusalem. My jaw dropped. So I decided to keep away from your videos so not to fall for it. But, like a cat who is drawn to the taste of cream, I wanted more. Everyday I would visit your websites to watch more and more of your video teachings. I found truth and endless love that I never came across in Judaism. Thank you so, so much!”

“I once asked about Yeshua and was told right away never to ask about him again. I decided to asked him: ‘if you are real, help me.’ Then, I came across the videos that Eitan and Moti produced which helped me greatly. I also started reading the New Testament and found out how godly this book is. How could they tell me Yeshua was antisemitic? I also kept reading more of your articles, realizing how far modern Judaism is from Moses’ Bible. My family is religious, so I’m believing in secret.” (A Jewish lady from a strict Orthodox background)

“After watching more and more of your videos it seems like you are speaking the truth. I am from a religious home and I have a lot of questions about Yeshua. Is there a phone that I can call to? Or can someone help me with some questions that I have?” [After some conversation, she wrote to us, saying:] “After searching in so many Jewish circles for the truth, I decided to start reading the New Testament, and I was shocked to find a God that shows love without asking for more.”

The truth about Yeshua is spreading so fast, the Rabbis don’t know how to stop it!

Here is (part of) a message from a girl in her early 20s:

“Shalom, I am writing to you because I came to the conclusion that Yeshua is the Messiah. So I got in touch with Rabbi Daniel Asur to be sure of my decision. He told me that in one of his meetings with Eitan and Moti, Moti got upset and hit him. I am reluctant to believe him. So I am asking you if that’s true?”

The rabbis don’t know what to do with us anymore – so they come up with videos in which they lie about us and about Jesus. We have been sent all kinds of threats from influential rabbis, and they have even made videos inciting people against us, encouraging violence, and suggesting that we should be killed. 
But still, people keep watching our videos and learning the truth! Here’s another message, this one is from Gil, an Orthodox Jew who is now being discipled by Eitan:

“First, I have no words to thank you (Eitan) and Moti for the articles and videos. I saw your video-ad on YouTube a year or two ago, but when I realized that it’s all about “Christianity” and “Jesus”, I switched it off. Lately, I came across your videos once again, and it grabbed me so I decided to read the prophecies in the Old Testament. I was surprised to find out they all point to Yeshua . Then I wanted to find out about the lifestyle of Messianic Jews – how do you live your lives – only to realize that it’s not about what we do, but about what’s inside, the change is inside the heart.  …I found our Messiah and two days ago gave Him my heart. 

“I’m from a religious household, but I am now an atheist. Yesterday I found your facebook page, started to watch and read everything and it just seems so real, not even sure why, it just seems true. What am I supposed to do now?” (Young woman who sent us a text message. Later, she sent another:] “Eitan, allow me to be completely honest with you. I fell in love with everything you guys are teaching in your videos. I just wanna run and buy the New Testament and read it all! I don’t understand how could I “believe in nothing” (I guess because I run as far as I could from my parent’s religion). I am very interested. It draws my strongly and I just want to know as much as possible!”

“Today I found your videos, and I would like you to help me better understand. I am a Charidi (Ultra Orthodox) and attend a Yeshiva, but have stopped doing all the rituals. (If my father knew this…) I don’t see a point in these rituals. I don’t understand why God would care what I eat or don’t or if I turn on the light [on Shabbat] or not? Help me find the truth. It’s not in my nature to believe in something just because that’s what I’ve been told. I want to know more!!!” (Ultra Orthodox man)

“Four months ago I saw your 10 minute video that speaks about Yeshua, and since then it opened my eyes to want to know more about Him. I went to your website and found all the answers that I had, thanks to you and to Eitan today I follow Yeshua and I’m looking to get to know more believers!” (Another Israeli young man who has since been put in touch with a congregation.)

Many Messianic Jews in Israel are becoming more bold in sharing the gospel as well, and our videos are a helpful back up, and resource to point people to.

One man whose friend from work told him about Yeshua wrote to us about what happened afterwards:

“I remembered our conversation, so I googled it and came across your stuff. You completely changed my life!”

We can track the number of times that our videos have been watched, but we cannot count or even imagine how many lives have been changed by the good news they contain. The constant flow of messages gives us encouragement that people are discovering Yeshua for themselves, and we are always delighted to help answer questions, lead them to faith, and help them find a suitable congregation where they can join the family of believers.
We are so excited to be able to present the truth about the Messiah to our people, Israel! And despite all of the efforts of furious rabbis, we will not stop. We already have lots of videos explaining why rabbinic Judaism is wrong about Yeshua, but we have a whole new series of videos in the pipeline (click here for list), dealing with many more questions that secular Israelis are asking.

We really appreciate all your support helping us to tell the truth our wonderful God and the Messiah, Yeshua

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[1] A Call for Prayer from Dr Mitch Glaser, 6 December 2016
[2] The population of Israel is just over 8 million, 6 million of whom are Jewish, the other 2 million predominantly Arab, although they can also access our Hebrew websites and videos, and we have seen some come to faith from the Arab community too!

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