Dr. Eitan Bar, a native Jewish-Israeli, born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Married to Kate (since 2007), raising their son Asaf in Israel. Eitan holds to a B.A. in Biblical Studies (Israel College of the Bible. Jerusalem, 2009). and an MDiv Equiv. He also holds to an M.A. in Theological Studies (Liberty University. 2013). In 2020 Eitan received his Doctorate (DMin, Middle East Studies) from Dallas Theological Seminary.
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Dr. Eitan Bar

How to help us with our New Bible App in Hebrew!

We have a new evangelistic app and you can help us out!!!

Jonathan Bernis: I realized the Gospel is Jewish!!

Jonathan Bernis of "Jewish Voice" shares his testimony how as a Jewish person he found Christ!

Our 7 Principles for Interpreting The Scriptures

The Scriptures, which we believe are the Old and New Testaments, make up a single book. The Bible is the most influential book in...

The Torah – from a Messianic Jewish perspective

The term "Torah" is one of the most confusing and controversial terms in the Hebrew language. One word with the weight of a long history,...

Forgiveness – from a Messianic Jewish Perspective

To forgive is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges for mankind. However, forgiveness is also one of the pillars of faith in the gospel in...

Joy – How to keep it when it’s hard?

What's the source of your Joy? Especially when times are hard we need a steadfast source of Joy that can't be rocked by the circumstances around us. We wanted to share another one of our Online Discipleship videos in Hebrew with English subtitles, let us know in the comments what your Joy is and how Yeshua fulfills your Joy!

It's Time We Talked About Antisemitism In The Church! (By Dr. Eitan Bar)

Dr. Eitan Bar's speech about Israel and antisemitism in the Christian Church. Please, we would love it if you would: Help us spread...

Jonathan Cahn's Journey to Christ!

After Jewish Jonathan Cahn has a life-changing revelation about Jesus, he makes a deal with God... and almost dies! Hear his story of how he transformed from an Atheist Jew to a Messianic Jewish Rabbi.

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