It is only by God’s supernatural grace, in the name of Yeshua, that both Arab and Jew can find salvation, hope and unity in the conundrum here in the Middle East…. but the good news is that this is exactly what is happening here at One For Israel!

Amidst all the violence and hatred around us, a miracle of peace and brotherhood is taking place. This year we opened a groundbreaking program to train pastors in Israel; approximately half of those who studied with us were Jewish, and the other half were Arab. Dr. Erez Soref, President of One For Israel, writes:

“This past week we had the final week-long course of the first-ever program for senior pastors at One For Israel. In this unique program we served and trained 24 of the leading pastors in Israel – 13 Arab evangelical brothers and 11 Messianic Jewish brothers. Throughout this year, it has been incredible to experience the blessing in getting to know each other, and tasting heaven in the love and unity among these precious brothers. We were able to discuss difficult and painful issues in a spirit of love and forgiveness. We learned to be transparent with each other in challenging and personal issues, sharing hearts. While all this was a wonderful, inspiring, and very meaningful secondary gain, the main thing has been a fantastic opportunity for renewal, and a positive spiritual, and ministerial challenge and encouragement for all participants. We have concluded this year with a few days of discussing various leadership issues, praying for each one, washing each other’s feet, and taking the Lord’s supper.”

It has been a privilege to have these godly men study, fellowship, laugh and grow together with us – and with each other. Can you imagine the impact this could have in Israel? Here is a real, living example of peace between Jewish and Arab leaders – all in the name of Yeshua!

Usually in the Western world, if someone wants to become a pastor, he first must acquire training at a Bible college / seminary and only after that be ordained as a pastor. However, in Israel the reality works the other way around: new believers start gathering around a more mature believer, who becomes their pastor, and only later realizes that he needs training.

For many, this was merely a dream – is it possible that there would be accessible training for Israeli pastors? Could Jews and Arabs study together in the same classroom? Instead of attacking one another, could they study the Word of God together, in unity and in peace, serving Jesus as ONE new man?

YES! With God, all things are possible!


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