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Since our birth as a Bible college over thirty years ago, we have grown into a multifaceted ministry in the heart of Israel.

We are an initiative of native-born Israelis, Jews and Arabs, one in Messiah.
Together, we are proclaiming salvation to Israel, raising up leaders and equipping them with the tools they need to transform their communities.
Reaching the Lost
Through direct media evangelism, we proclaim salvation to Israel and make the gospel available, accessible, and understandable in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Millions in Israel and around the world have heard the gospel through our powerful collection of testimonies, apologetics and gospel films on our websites, social media, and radio station.
Making Disciples
With our online discipleship series in English and Hebrew, and direct communication through social media, we are mentoring new believers and connecting them with ministers in their local communities.
Equipping Leaders
Through our Bible college, we are equipping Jewish and Arab leaders for the ministry, with special seminars and formal training up to Masters level in Bible. As the ONLY accredited, evangelical Hebrew-speaking Bible seminary in the world, we are a vital connection point for Jewish and Arab congregations throughout Israel as we join as ONE for the Gospel.
Serving Others
We provide believing soldiers in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) videos and conferences to strengthen their walk with the Lord, grow closer in the community of faith, and shine as a light and a testimony during their military service. In addition, we provide humanitarian outreach to bless our community, through aid to Holocaust survivors and women who have chosen not to abort. ​​​​​​


“Until a month ago I had always been a traditional Jew waiting for the Messiah to come. Today I define myself as a Hebrew from the tribe of Levi who believes in the truth of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Initially I was so afraid. But now I thank God I have found the truth. A day is coming when the nation will receive Yeshua back!”
"Your videos opened my eyes. All the years I have lived to this day as a traditional Jew, who puts on Tefillin every day, goes to synagogue, does Kiddush and more. Only now that I see this video, the light turns on for me. The Rabbis scammed us for 2000 years."
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We need your continued prayers for the ministry of ONE FOR ISRAEL to reach our country and the nations with the gospel. Pray for those reached to take the next step into discipleship and spiritual growth. Pray for our college as we train up local ministers and equip the Body of Messiah in Israel.


Taking the time to reach out to your friends and circle of influence to tell them about ONE FOR ISRAEL and the mission that God has called us to is very appreciated. You can learn more about us and can keep up to date on what’s happening via our weekly email newsletter.


As a committed partner with ONE FOR ISRAEL, your monthly support in the form of a recurring gift is of great value to us. Throughout our history we have seen how God has used the faithfulness of our partners to sustain us and help us grow in our outreach capacity. Our monthly partners provide a foundation that allows us the opportunity to budget and cast vision.

ONE FOR ISRAEL is based in Central Israel with a US NonProfit office 501c3 EIN: 61-1901718