Why we do not answer or debate over theological inquiries

The OFI team is an amazing a remarkably diverse crew! We come from many different backgrounds and hold a variety of different theological perspectives with respect to the secondary issues of our faith. There are, however, core theological truths that bind us together: we believe that God become flesh to dwell among us, that Yeshua died for our sins and rose again on the third day; that salvation is a gift of God we receive by faith; that Jews and Gentiles are one in the Messiah. We are also united in our desire to share the gospel and to train up leaders to serve in God’s kingdom. Like the greater Body of Messiah, our staff holds various perspectives on soteriology and eschatology, but we passionately promote the equipping of God’s people with the tools to study the Bible for themselves in order to make well-studied and informed decision on the non-essentials of the faith. Our unity in the essentials, and our diversity in the non-essentials enables us to serve the whole Body of Messiah in Israel and abroad.


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