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Columbus and Jerusalem

Christopher Columbus may have lost his status as an unqualified hero but blanket condemnations of the explorer might be missing the mark. There is...

The Effect of Covid on Israeli Families

It's an intense time we're living in. It's not the first time things have been so critical, and it certainly won't be the last,...

Moving Kings and Kingdoms

The God who moves kings and kingdoms has not stopped doing so. We are seeing nations shift, peace treaties established, and alliances develop at an...

Miracle Catch from Arabic Outreach on the Net

There is not just one miracle catch of fish recorded in the Gospels, there are two... but with a key difference. It's to do...

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The Interesting Connection Between Passover and the Coronavirus Plague

Passover night this year will be celebrated on April 8th, but the preparations begin way before that. The Bible tells us to clean out...

The Spiritual Workout of Coronavirus

We are all getting a glimpse of what we’re really made of. When the Coronavirus crisis hit, how did you respond? Have you been the...

Forgiveness – from a Messianic Jewish Perspective

To forgive is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges for mankind. However, forgiveness is also one of the pillars of faith in the gospel in...

The Desert Bursts into Bloom & 3 Other Unusual Events

We are living in unusual times. Israel is seeing several strange phenomena springing up within its borders, pointing to the uniqueness of our days. 1.The...

Joy – How to keep it when it’s hard?

What's the source of your Joy? Especially when times are hard we need a steadfast source of Joy that can't be rocked by the circumstances around us. We wanted to share another one of our Online Discipleship videos in Hebrew with English subtitles, let us know in the comments what your Joy is and how Yeshua fulfills your Joy!