Did God Punish and Kill God?: Did God the Father Punish and Kill God the Son? (PDF)


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One of the most frequent objections by my Jewish friends who do not follow Jesus goes something like this:
“So, you guys believe that for God not to punish and kill you, and because He loves you so much, He had to torture, punish and kill His own Son?! It makes no sense to me! Is He a bully? sounds like an abusing father! What kind of love is this?!”

This question is coming because they hear popular Christian pastors declaring statements such as this one:

“Who killed Jesus? The Father. The Father killed the Son. Feel God’s love for you revealed in Isaiah 53:10. He crushed his son! For you! He crushed Him! He bruised him! He punished him! He disfigured him! He crushed him! With all of the righteous wrath that we deserved. That is what the Father did.”
(C. J. Mahaney at the New Attitude Conference, May 2006)

I, however, would like to challenge this line of thought (Acts 3:15), as I believe that the answer to the question “Who killed Jesus – God or men?”, which to some might seem peripheral, has a direct effect on how we see and understand the character of God.

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