10 Million Views: "Jewish man turns to Jesus and explains why in a way you never heard before!"

In the fall of 2014, I spent 3 months in New York City with my family, directing the first 30 testimonies of Jewish professionals who came to saving faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah!
Leading this wonderful production, a partnership of our ministry, ONE FOR ISRAEL, with CPM in NYC, was an incredible trial and error experience for both sides, resulting in over 70 of the “I MET MESSIAH” testimonies.


Without a studio, and with a low budget for equipment, we were able to maximize our creativity in order to produce these stories of Jewish people from Israel, United States, Canada, South Africa, England, and other places around the world. A simple partnership that turned into perhaps the most effective tool to ever exist in reaching the Jewish people with the message of the Gospel, and blessing many gentiles as a blessed side effect!


In less than two years, these testimonies have been viewed close to 20,000,000 times! Testimonies, which led to new testimonies of new believers; Jews and gentiles coming to know the Lord. Wonderful stories from a 89 year old Jewish lady in her last days, all the way to an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi.
When I returned to Israel after filming the initial testimonies, I decided to kick start the project with one that really touched my heart. Also, I prayed to God this simple prayer:
“God, if you are behind this project, please bless this first testimony beyond my imagination!”
In my mind, if God would really bless it, it would even reach more than 100,000 views!!


Well, thanks to you; our followers and fans, this first testimony of Mottel Baleston which was shared over 350,000 times via ONE FOR ISRAEL’s Facebook page alone, just reached 10 million views, many of which are Jewish, and sparked over 11,000 spiritual comments and discussions!!
“If you had faith like a mustard seed, you would say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and be planted in the sea’; and it would obey you.” (Luke 17:5-6)
PLEASE KEEP SHARING this project via social media!! It won’t happen without you guys!!
As we continue filming these testimonies in both Israel and NYC, I would like to thank a few key people who are working behind the stage:
Dr. Mitch Glaser, Jacqui O’Rhea and Abraham Vazquez of Chosen People Ministries.
And, on our side: Yair Harel, Anastasia Okhrimenko, Oriel Danielson and Guy Barely.

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