Book Overview: “Did God The Father Really Kill God The Son?” (Kreider & Bar)

Here in Israel, a frequent objection against Christianity by Jewish people goes something like this:

“So, you guys believe that God was angry enough to punish and kill you but because he loves you so much, he had to punish, torture and kill his own Son instead? It makes no sense to me! Is he a bully? He sounds like an abusive father! What kind of love is this?!”

Similar objections are also made by Christian scholars sometimes. Elizabeth Johnson, for example, describes the view of God punishing his Son as “virtually inseparable from the underlying image of God as an angry, bloodthirsty, sadistic father, reflecting the very worst kind of male behavior.”[1]

Dr. Glenn R. Kreider from Dallas Theological Seminary has teamed up with our very own Dr. Eitan Bar to write this new book, Did God the Father Really Kill God the Son? Our new book deals with this question which is now not only coming from incredulous non-believers, but is increasingly a debate rattling the world of believers as well.

So was the crucifixion the act by which God poured out his wrath on his Son, or was it something else? Is God really the one responsible for the cruel and unjust death of his innocent Son? Or should the culpability for Jesus’ death be placed elsewhere? Does the atonement reveal an angry God who poured out his hatred, his unbounded anger, on his Son? Does the Bible answer these questions?

Not only does the Bible answer those questions, we believe the answer is clear and unambiguous. By looking at how the first disciples talked about what happened to Jesus, by surveying sacrifice and wrath in the Old Testament, and by examining Messianic prophecy pertaining to the cross, Drs Kreider and Bar make the argument that Jesus was indeed our atoning sacrifice for sins, but murdered by a conspiracy of evildoers – not by his Father, as several prominent Christians have claimed.

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[1] Elizabeth A. Johnson, “Redeeming the Name of Christ,” in Freeing Theology: The Essentials of Theology in Feminist Perspective, ed. Catherine Mowry LaCugna (New York: Harper Collins, 1993), 124. 

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